Burthorpe Imperial Guard

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A Captain of the Burthorpe Imperial Guard

The Burthorpe Imperial Guard is the defence force of Burthorpe against the Mountain trolls. They answer directly to Crown Prince Anlaf of Asgarnia and serve as his elite troops, keeping Burthorpe secure. The guards can be found drilling and marching constantly in front of Burthorpe Castle. They are allies of the White Knights and fought alongside them during the War of 164, though the two organisations often contend with one another over matters of authority. Certain members of the Burthorpe Imperial Guard feature in the Death Plateau and Troll Stronghold quests.

The player joins the Burthorpe Imperial Guard in fighting off trolls in the Troll Invasion minigame. Upon first speaking with Captain Jute, the Captain mistakes the player for a new recruit within the Imperial Guard. When the player reveals that in fact they have never been part of the Imperial Guard, they are invited to join and to participate in battle against the trolls. Upon agreeing to join, the player gains access to the Troll Invasion activities.

In a previous tutorial for new players known as Troll Warzone, the player formally joins the Imperial Guard and is knighted as Sir/Lady Knight into the Order of the Talon. This tutorial has since been replaced by Ashdale.

The Burthorpe Imperial Guard is unique among military forces in that most of their soldiers wield a type of three-taloned claws unavailable to players. Their signature weapon is also depicted on the flag of Burthorpe.

Known members[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 2 March 2020 (Update):
    • Drilling soldiers from the Burthorpe Imperial Guard camp are now dormant when there are no players nearby for better processing efficiency.