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For the levels at which food stops burning, see Cooking/Burn level.
Burnt lobster detail.png

Burnt food is the product of burning raw or cooked food. Most burnt foods are grey in colour. Nearly all burnt foods are tradeable. Nearly all burnt food is stackable.

As players train Cooking, they will periodically and randomly fail to cook something properly. The result is a burnt version of the item that the player was attempting to cook. As an example, if a player tries to cook a raw shark and burns it they will obtain the item 'burnt shark.' The same holds true for items such as burnt cake, burnt meat, and burnt fish, where the item name holds the general form 'burnt [item].'

As you increase your Cooking level beyond what is required for that particular food, you will gradually burn less, as is made obvious by the logic of getting better at cooking. With many raw items, especially lower to mid level items, you will eventually stop burning some types of food entirely, but will often need an extensive amount of training to reach the appropriate zero-burn level. An example being raw monkfish, which is accessed at Cooking level 62 does not reach zero-burn until level 92, 30 levels higher. Other than increasing your Cooking level, there are several methods of decreasing the chance of burning.

Burnt food items are completely worthless, and cannot be sold on the Grand Exchange. They are tradeable, but retain their uselessness and the minimum trade value of 1gp each. Players can offload their burnt food at the general store for 1 coin each, which is generally minuscule compared to the amount it can cost a player to purchase the raw food item.

The lists below provide both the minimum requirements for cooking the item as well as the level at which the item will no longer be burnt. Some of the high level foods never reach the 'no-burn' point, with the list including items on the level magnitude of raw shark. As such, some players choose to wait before beginning to cook foods they have just met the requirements for, as they will usually burn more than half of the food they are trying to cook. Burning food provides no experience, so it is something to be avoided in earnest.

  • Fires have the greatest chance of burning food, but possesses the advantages of on-the-spot flexibility and slightly increased Cooking experience (if the fire was created by a player).
  • Standard ranges have a lesser chance of burning food as compared with using fires, but cannot be made anywhere like a fire. If a player wishes to burn less food, they can seek out a range. The only downside is that they cannot be used on-the-spot, so running back and forth to the bank, and the time/distance from and to the bank must be taken into account to maximise productivity.
  • The Cook-o-matic 25 on the ground floor of Lumbridge Castle has the special distinction of some sort of enchantment that decreases the rate of food burning when cooked on it (however, this only works on lower level foods). Its anti-burning bonus is not especially large, but is significant especially when a player is near or at a level where their chosen food items tend to burn a lot. Access to this range is granted through the completion of the low level quest Cook's Assistant, but its location could be slightly more convenient, even with a bank that is two floors above. Members have the option of completing at least part of the quest Recipe for Disaster which grants the player access to a bank chest in the cellar of the castle, a mere one floor down.
  • Members wearing the cooking gauntlets obtained during the Family Crest quest will be awarded a lower burn rate for fish, including lobsters, monkfish, swordfish, sharks, cavefish, and rocktails anywhere that they are cooked, such as campfires. It is unclear if the cooking gauntlets and Lumbridge range anti-burning bonuses complement each other, but the general knowledge suggests that they do stack. The information on the exact anti-burning bonus of the cooking gauntlets is based on statistical data and has not been officially disclosed by Jagex, but it is fairly reliable.
  • The Bake Pie Lunar spell will never burn a pie. The only drawback is that, as per its name, it is only effective for cooking pies. Players may choose to assemble a large number of pies and cook them all without ever moving a single step, train both the Magic and Cooking skills at the same time. This is extremely useful for high level pies which tend to burn at a high rate, but is very complex compared to regular cooking and requires a substantial amount of questing and Magic training. Bake Pie is members only.
  • Members wearing a Cooking cape cannot burn any type of food at all, even food that never reaches the 'no-burn' threshold otherwise. The only exceptions are unwrapped raw oomlie and raw chompy, which must be cooked differently than most foods and will always burn when directly cooked on a fire or range. This effect only applies on members worlds.
  • During the 2013 Christmas event, players cooking food on Thok's bonfire in the Lumbridge Crater had a reduced chance of burning their food.

Obtaining burnt food[edit | edit source]

Burnt swordfish detail.png

Burning food is a normal occurrence when training cooking. Burning can happen when the player's cooking level is not much higher than the level requirement to cook the food. It can also occur if a player cooks food that is already cooked when the burnt food is required for a quest. When cooking, using a range rather than an open fire will decrease the chances of burning it. Most food has a certain cooking level at which it will become impossible to burn. This level is decreased when a player is wearing cooking gauntlets. Imps are known to drop burnt bread and burnt meat.

Types of burnt food[edit | edit source]

Item Raw version Cooking level Cooked version Members?
Burnt heim crab.png Burnt heim crab Raw heim crab 1 Heim crab No
Burnt red-eye.png Burnt red-eye Raw red-eye 10 Red-eye No
Burnt dusk eel.png Burnt dusk eel Raw dusk eel 20 Dusk eel No
Burnt giant flatfish.png Burnt giant flatfish Raw giant flatfish 30 Giant flatfish No
Burnt short-finned eel.png Burnt short-finned eel Raw short-finned eel 40 Short-finned eel No
Burnt web snipper.png Burnt web snipper Raw web snipper 50 Web snipper Yes
Burnt bouldabass.png Burnt bouldabass Raw bouldabass 60 Bouldabass Yes
Burnt salve eel.png Burnt salve eel Raw salve eel 70 Salve eel Yes
Burnt blue crab.png Burnt blue crab Raw blue crab 80 Blue crab Yes
Burnt cave moray.png Burnt cave moray Raw cave moray 90 Cave moray Yes
Burnt minnow.png Burnt minnow Raw minnow 1 Minnow No
Burnt crayfish.png Burnt crayfish Raw crayfish 1 Crayfish No
Burnt shrimp.png Burnt shrimp Raw shrimps 1 Shrimps No
Burnt fish (sardine).png Burnt fish Raw sardine 5 Sardine No
Burnt fish (herring).png Burnt fish Raw herring/Raw mackerel 5 Herring/Mackerel No
Burnt fish (anchovies).png Burnt fish Raw anchovies 10 Anchovies No
Burnt fish (trout).png Burnt fish Raw cod/Raw pike/Raw trout/Raw salmon 18 Cod/Pike/Trout/Salmon No
Burnt fish (tuna).png Burnt fish Raw bass/Raw tuna 30 Bass/Tuna No
Burnt crab meat.png Burnt crab meat Crab meat 21 Cooked crab meat Yes
Burnt eel.png Burnt eel Slimy eel 28 Cooked slimy eel Yes
Burnt karambwan.png Burnt karambwan Raw karambwan 30 Cooked karambwan Yes
Burnt cave eel.png Burnt cave eel Raw cave eel 38 Cave eel Yes
Burnt rainbow fish.png Burnt rainbow fish Raw rainbow fish 35 Rainbow fish Yes
Burnt lobster.png Burnt lobster Raw lobster 40 Lobster No
Burnt swordfish.png Burnt swordfish Raw swordfish 45 Swordfish No
Burnt desert sole.png Burnt desert sole Raw desert sole 52 Desert sole Yes
Burnt catfish.png Burnt catfish Raw catfish 60 Catfish Yes
Burnt monkfish.png Burnt monkfish Raw monkfish 62 Monkfish Yes
Burnt beltfish.png Burnt beltfish Raw beltfish 72 Beltfish Yes
Burnt shark.png Burnt shark Raw shark 80 Shark Yes
Burnt sea turtle.png Burnt sea turtle Raw sea turtle 82 Sea turtle Yes
Burnt great white shark.png Burnt great white shark Raw great white shark 84 Great white shark Yes
Burnt cavefish.png Burnt cavefish Raw cavefish 88 Cavefish Yes
Burnt manta ray.png Burnt manta ray Raw manta ray 91 Manta ray Yes
Burnt rocktail.png Burnt rocktail Raw rocktail 93 Rocktail Yes
Burnt tiger shark.png Burnt tiger shark Raw tiger shark 95 Tiger shark Yes
Burnt bread.png Burnt bread Bread dough 1 Bread No
Burnt pie.png Burnt pie Various 10 Various No
Burnt pizza.png Burnt pizza Uncooked pizza 35 Pizza No
Burnt pitta bread.png Burnt pitta bread Pitta dough 58 Pitta bread Yes
Burnt pork pie.png Burnt pork pie Uncooked pork pie 74 Pork pie Yes
Burnt cake.png Burnt cake Uncooked cake 40 Cake No
Burnt turkey.png Burnt turkey Raw turkey 1 Cooked turkey No
Burnt turkey drumstick.png Burnt turkey drumstick Raw turkey drumstick 1 Cooked turkey drumstick No
Burnt chicken.png Burnt chicken Raw chicken 1 Cooked chicken No
Burnt meat.png Burnt meat Raw meat 1 Cooked meat No
Burnt rabbit.png Burnt rabbit Raw rabbit 1 Cooked rabbit Yes
Burnt bird meat.png Burnt bird meat Raw bird meat 11 Roast bird meat Yes
Burnt snail.png Burnt snail Varies 12 Varies Yes
Burnt spider.png Burnt spider Spider on stick 16 Spider on stick Yes
Spider on shaft (burnt).png Burnt spider Spider on shaft 16 Spider on shaft Yes
Burnt beast meat.png Burnt beast meat Raw beast meat 21 Roast beast meat Yes
Ruined chompy.png Ruined chompy Raw chompy 30 Cooked chompy Yes
Burnt jubbly.png Burnt jubbly Raw jubbly 41 Cooked jubbly Yes
Burnt oomlie.png Burnt oomlie Raw oomlie 50 None Yes
Burnt oomlie wrap.png Burnt oomlie wrap Wrapped oomlie 50 Oomlie wrap Yes
Snake over-cooked.png Snake over-cooked Raw stuffed snake 70 Stuffed snake Yes
Burnt egg.png Burnt egg Uncooked egg 13 Scrambled egg Yes
Burnt onion.png Burnt onion Chopped onion 42 Fried onions Yes
Burnt mushroom.png Burnt mushroom Sliced mushrooms 46 Fried mushrooms Yes
Burnt stew.png Burnt stew Uncooked stew 25 Stew No
Burnt curry.png Burnt curry Uncooked curry 60 Curry Yes
Burnt potato.png Burnt potato Potato 7 Baked potato Yes
Burnt crunchies.png Burnt crunchies Raw crunchies 10 Half baked crunchy Yes
Burnt batta.png Burnt batta Raw batta 20 Half baked batta Yes
Burnt sweetcorn.png Burnt sweetcorn Sweetcorn 28 Cooked sweetcorn Yes
Burnt gnomebowl.png Burnt gnomebowl Raw gnomebowl 30 Half baked bowl Yes
Burnt fishcake.png Burnt fishcake Raw fishcake 31 Cooked fishcake Yes

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ruined chompy and Snake over-cooked are the only types of burnt food not prefixed with 'burnt'.
  • Before Tutorial Island was removed, a player had to cook shrimp during the tutorial. However, they would always burn it on their first try.
  • After a hidden update, an "eat" option was added to burnt food. However, when the player clicks on the option, they will not eat it and instead say "Ugh, this is inedible." This option was not added to burnt slimy eels, rainbow fish or turkey.
  • Burnt food items can be sold to general stores for 1 coin each. Many players also buy and collect burnt food.
  • Burnt lobsters used to be a popular scamming item. A player would claim that it was a "rare" black lobster and sell it for a high price.
  • Prior to an update, burnt food was able to be sold in the Grand Exchange.
  • Prior to an update, outside of Daemonheim, potatoes would always burn on a fire.
  • Previously, burnt food did not stack in a player's inventory and had to be dropped one-by-one. Burnt turkey and drumsticks are an exception to this and do not stack.
  • Most burnt food items have an examine text of "Oops!". Exceptions to this include:
    • Bread: "Nice crispy bread. Possibly too crispy."
    • Cake: "Argh, what a mess!"
    • Cave eel: "It's no longer slimy, or edible."
    • Chicken and turkey: "Oh dear, it's totally burnt!"
    • Minnow and crayfish: "A burnt minnow/crayfish."
    • Monkfish: "Maybe a little less heat next time."
    • Pies: "I think I left it on the stove too long."
    • Pork pie: "A waste of pastry and pork."
    • Rainbow fish: "Used to be a colourful fish, but now it's burnt!"
    • Slimy eel: "It looks like it's seen one too many fires."
    • Snail: "A slightly super-saute'ed snail."
    • Spider on shaft: "A badly burnt spider threaded onto a charred arrow shaft."

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