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Burial Forges in the eastern half of the Artisans' Workshop

Burial equipment is a type of item introduced in the Mining and Smithing rework. Making a burial version of an item consumes a maximally upgraded item and produces experience only. Upon completion of the Smithing operation, the item is automatically removed from the inventory. This makes the process an "expensive, no reward, high experience" method of training.

Burial equipment can only be made from adamant equipment and higher. Burial equipment is made at a Burial Forge and Burial Anvil in the Artisans' Workshop; a normal anvil and forge cannot be used. Making a burial item consumes the item but does not require additional bars. Note: You must repair an item back to its tradeable state to be able to use it for burial.

A warning message about the item being destroyed is shown before starting to smith a burial item. This can be toggled off permanently.

Experience[edit | edit source]

Due to the way upgrades work, the following applies to all tiers of metal from adamant to elder rune and all burial items in those tiers.

In terms of speed, making burial equipment requires half the progress as applying the maximum upgrade for that item while still giving the same experience. For example, making an elder rune two hand sword + 5 from an elder rune two hand sword + 4 grants a total of 64,000 experience. Making the +5 sword into an elder rune burial two hand sword also grants 64,000 experience.

This is very efficient in terms of materials. If one were to buy bars, make items, upgrade them to the maximum, and finally make a burial item, they would gain 50% more experience per item (and per bar) than just making and upgrading the item to the maximum. Of course, this comes at the cost of receiving no items in return.

Burial sets[edit | edit source]

A player finishing a set of burial armour.

Burial sets can also be made at a burial forge and anvil. A burial set is a single Smithing operation that combines the operations of making a burial helmet, body, legs, gauntlets, and armoured boots from the associated upgraded equipment pieces. While it is not necessary to smith sets instead of individual pieces, burial sets take the same amount of progress to complete as the sum of doing each item individually, but give an additional 5% base experience. This bonus can be further increased by unlocking Solemn Smith from the Artisans' Workshop, stacking the bonus up to 10%.

Level Metal Progress required XP for individually

burying a set

XP per burial set


Base Solemn Smith I Solemn Smith II Solemn Smith III Solemn Smith IV Solemn Smith V Respect Members
40 Adamant 48 3,000 4,080 4,284 4,324.8 4,365.6 4,406.4 4,447.2 4,488 0,4% F2P icon.png
50 Rune 96 4,320 11,520 12,096 12,211.2 12,326.4 12,441.6 12,556.8 12,672 1,2% F2P icon.png
60 Orikalkum 96 5,040 16,800 17,640 17,808 17,976 18,144 18,312 18,480 1,8% P2P icon.png
70 Necronium 192 6,720 48,000 50,400 50,880 51,360 51,840 52,320 52,800 5% P2P icon.png
80 Bane 192 7,560 67,200 70,560 71,232 71,904 72,576 73,248 73,920 7% P2P icon.png
90 Elder Rune 384 9,600 192,000 201,600 203,520 205,440 207,360 209,280 211,200 20% P2P icon.png

The items in the set require 12 bars to make at standard quality, which is doubled for every level of upgrade applied after that. Adamant's maximum is +2, so the quantity is quadrupled. Thus when prepared from scratch, between 48 to 384 bars (Adamant burial set to Elder rune burial set respectively) are required for a fully upgraded set, ready to become finished into a burial set.

Respect[edit | edit source]

Respect is earned - as usual - at 1% per 10,000 experience gained, but unlike regular smithing, for burial smithing the total is awarded as a lump sum after the item is finished. This is important to consider when the earned respect will increase your total sum over 100%, as any excess will be lost.

For example having 85% respect and completing an elder rune burial set would total 85% + 20.16% = 105.16%, but the maximum respect you can have is 100%, forfeiting 5.16% respect.

List of burial equipment[edit | edit source]

Adamant[edit | edit source]

Rune[edit | edit source]

Orikalkum[edit | edit source]

Necronium[edit | edit source]

Bane[edit | edit source]

Elder rune[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 7 January 2019 (Update):
    • From adamant, items which have been upgraded to the maximum for that metal can be taken to the Artisans' Workshop and made into burial equipment. This destroys the item but gives the fastest possible XP/hr.