Burial Anvil

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A Burial Anvil is used to smith burial items through the Smithing skill. They are found in the easternmost room of the Artisans' Workshop or in Thalmund's Forge in Warforge. Burial Anvils are accompanied by Burial Forges, which are used to heat an in-progress item. A Burial Anvil can be used to smith burial items by using a maximally upgraded item on a Burial Anvil, e.g. an elder rune pickaxe + 5 and then a selection screen will come up. The Burial Anvil also allows the player to access the metal bank.

They cannot be used for normal Smithing.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite its unique name and function, the Burial Anvil does not have a unique model. The same in-game model is used for normal anvils in locations such as Keldagrim and the westernmost room in the Artisans' Workshop.