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Bukalla was a legendary Fremennik hero and a famed slayer of dagannoths who died after a brutal battle with Dagannoth Supreme from his wounds or in battle.[1][2] His story is related in The Epic of Bukalla, a bard performance that players can watch after completing The Fremennik Trials. Bukalla was the wielder of the Balmung, which was a huge dagannoth-slaying sword.[3] Kharshai later named his dagannoth-tuned bane greataxe Balmung in honour of Bukalla.[4]

Dagannoth Supreme's examine text was the first place Bukalla was mentioned.[5] Bukalla is also mentioned in the dialogue of the Supreme hatchling, which is the boss pet of the Dagannoth Supreme. The pet states that Bukalla's bones were tasty, and he ate all of them, with there being none left, which would seem to indicate that the Dagannoth Supreme killed him in battle.[6]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dagannoth Supreme's examine text was the only mention of Bukalla for many years. Although this update was in 2005, nothing more was heard about Bukalla until the release of the Supreme hatchling boss pet in 2015. Later, more information was given when The Epic of Bukalla was released in 2016. Mod James, the original creator, explained why. He stated that when Bukalla was originally mentioned in the Dagannoth Supreme's examine, he had planned it to be a lost tribe of vikings that would be expanded on in later content. However, he never got around to elaborating on this and after he left Jagex, someone else co-opted it.[7]

References[edit | edit source]

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