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The kick out timer starts 3 minutes before the build tick.

The Build tick refers to the time at which scheduled actions (like build orders or day/night changes) take place in the citadel. It occurs generally every week. It takes place even if there are not enough members in the clan. Before the tick, everyone in the citadel is given a three-minute warning to perform final operations, such as picking up dropped items. No one is allowed to enter the citadel during this time. After the timer elapses, everyone in the citadel is removed, and the changes to the citadel scheduled in the past week take place. Build jobs are executed in the following order:

  1. Downgrades are executed, lowering or removing structures, and lowering the upkeep cost.
  2. Any upkeep owed is paid, in order of priority.
  3. Upgrades are executed, in order of priority. This includes new structures and customisation.

Unused resources are "spoiled" after the tick, which means a portion is destroyed. Some resources may be saved, depending on the tier of the storehouse. All resources used towards upgrade jobs that have not been completed remain after the tick. It is beneficial for clans to set upgrade or customisation jobs for any unused resources.

The maximum capacity of the storehouse is different from the maximum number of resources that each non-probationary clan member can collect. Timber, stone, cloth and rations carry over from one tick to the next; minions, charcoal, ore and precious ore do not. Bars and precious bars have a cap and percentage equal to one-third of the other resources.

Six hours before the build tick and later, clan admins are not able to make any changes to the citadel. Only the clan owner may do so.

After the build tick has occurred, all members are able to enter citadel again. The new build tick is automatically scheduled for exactly seven days after the last tick. Citadel checks for dilapidation and automatic downgrade do not run until the first person enters.[1]

Moving the tick[edit | edit source]

To move the build tick to a better time, clan leaders may talk to the Quartermaster to push back the build tick.

  • The move cannot be undone, nor can the tick be moved again until the new build tick has occurred.
  • The time for the new tick is set to exactly seven days from the time the move is requested.
  • Moving the tick costs the same amount as the total upkeep of the citadel for a week. The cost of one week's upkeep is deducted immediately from collected resources.[2] Clans must have already collected enough resources and achieved sufficient visitor attendance for upkeep to avoid dilapidation.
  • The visitor count is not reset. Thus a clan member visiting before the tick is moved, then again after the tick is moved, is counted twice.
  • The amount of resources gathered by clan members is reset. Clan members may collect up to their caps again. Clan members in the citadel at the time the tick is moved must exit and re-enter to have their caps reset.[2]
  • The amount of resources gathered by clan avatars does not reset until the new build tick has occurred.
  • Clan members must collect enough resources before the tick is moved to upgrade or to maintain their fealty level, whichever is appropriate. If eligible, they may collect their fealty bonus again after the tick is moved.
  • Clan members must collect enough resources after the tick is moved to upgrade or to maintain their fealty level, whichever is appropriate.
  • Clan members should claim any eligible bonus experience from the quartermaster before the tick is moved. If they collect enough resources after the tick is moved, they may claim bonus experience again.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible for a clan to stay out of a citadel after a tick was scheduled to postpone the tick, essentially for free, possibly for weeks without risking dilapidation.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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