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Bubbling Lamps is a Treasure Hunter promotion and may not currently be active.
Bubbling Lamps Treasure Hunter banner

Bubbling Lamps is a Treasure Hunter promotion featuring the bubbling lamps which can be used to get either direct experience or bonus experience.

During this promotion there are only 3 chests instead of the default 5 and there's also a chance for all chests to become gilded which give 4x the prizes inside it.

During the first instance in February 2019, players who choose bonus experience instead of direct experience got a bonus of +45%. However in the second promo in June 2019, the direct experience got a bonus of +50% and bonus experience was not increased. From 13 February 2020 direct experience was restored to normal rate, and bonus experience received a bonus of +50%.

Two free medium bubbling lamps are given to the players at the start of the promotion when opening the Treasure Hunter interface.

Since its appearance during the 2020 Advent Calendar promotion on 15 December 2020 each opened chest offers three prizes for selection. The first one can be a prize specific to this promotion, while the remaining two are always regular Treasure Hunter prizes of the same rarity as the first, and are generally from the same category as the first.

The Bubbling Lamp interface.

Prizes[edit | edit source]

Some of the normal lamps and stars are replaced by the following. In addition, they also appear as promotional prizes.

Small bubbling lamp
Medium bubbling lamp
Large bubbling lamp
Large bubbling lamp
Huge bubbling lamp

Release history[edit | edit source]

Bubbling Lamps (edit)
Start date End date Update/promo
15 December 2020 2020 Advent Calendar
17 March 2020 2nd Chance Tuesday
13 February 2020 17 February 2020 N/A
16 December 2019 2019 Christmas Advent Calendar
23 July 2019 2nd Chance Tuesday
20 June 2019 24 June 2019 N/A
19 March 2019 2nd Chance Tuesday
14 February 2019 18 February 2019 Bubbling Lamps

Transcript[edit | edit source]