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Some brown spice.

Brown spice is one of the four spices dropped by Hellrats in Evil Dave's basement. If brown spice is used in a stew, it becomes a Spicy stew, which, when consumed, can temporarily raise or lower a player's Woodcutting, Herblore, Farming, Fishing, Divination and Mining levels. The amount it can raise these stats depends on the number of doses used in the stew (between 1 and 3). Each dose of spice adds 2 levels to the amount it may be increased/decreased; e.g. with 2 doses the change in level can be anywhere from -4 to +4. Once all 4 doses are used, it becomes an Empty spice shaker that cannot be used for anything.

Spices of the same colour can be used with each other, so that they are combined to save space. The maximum number of doses is 4. Once all doses are used, it becomes an Empty spice shaker, which is currently useless.

It is suggested that you use a Wily cat to catch the Hellrats because they offer a better chance to kill the rats than any other feline. At the very least, one should not use kittens, as their success rate is extremely low. After the completion of Evil Dave's Big Day Out, players can catch them bare-handed and the use of a wily cat is unnecessary.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Brown spice is analogous to the real-life coriander.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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