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Brother Samwell was an elderly Saradominist monk who was left as the sole survivor of a vicious attack carried out by Sliske in a bid to draw out the god Icthlarin.[1][2] Like his fellow monks, he was a pacifist.[3] He was situated between the Odd Old Man's hut and the Gulvas Mansion, slightly west of Paterdomus.

He begged a passing adventurer to help him and his slain brethren investigate the attack, which had left his brothers as spirits, incapable of passing onto the afterlife. He gave them his notebook to record evidence. Although all the evidence pointed towards an elf, they continued to investigate further, finding the elf's body also bound as a spirit, and evidence to suggest the work of a Saradominist wizard. He asked the adventurer to go to the Wizards' Tower, who gathered more evidence. They came to the conclusion that the crime scenes had been orchestrated to make it appear that Saradominists and Serenists were responsible. Ichtlarin appeared and fought off several wights, confirming their suspicions that it was a setup and sending the spirits onto the afterlife. The god and adventurer went to confront the culprit, Sliske, at the Empyrean Citadel. They later returned, having failed to apprehend Sliske. He managed to obtain the Invitation Box, returning it to those who lost it.

He was later taken hostage then killed by Sliske in an attempt to force the World Guardian to play his games. The invitation box was transferred to a chest near where he had previously been standing.

When he was young, his mother would often read to him about the elves and their goddess Seren.[4] He was good friends with Valina, but their ambitions took them down different paths. While he became a monk, she became a wizard.[5] Over the years, they stopped seeing one another.[6]

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References[edit | edit source]

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