Brother Celerity

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Brother Celerity is a monk who gives advice on how to defeat the demons. He is located at the Edgeville Monastery. After completing one or more demon flash mobs, one may talk to him to receive the Malleus daemoniorum, a book giving information on the demons and their abilities. The book can also be wielded as a cosmetic item in the left hand. Celerity is the one who alerted Gideon Bede after the megalomaniac Denath had stolen a book on demonology.

As part of the Mod Deg trading sequence, Celerity will trade the ruined essence for a creepy doll.

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Transcripts Brother Celerity is the author or co-author of:

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 7 September 2015 (Update):
    • Players who were unable to claim the malleus daemoniorum from Brother Celerity will now be able to do so after defeating another demon flash mob.