Bringing Home the Bacon

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Bringing Home the Bacon is a quest about reviving the importance of the currently neglected pigs.

Official description[edit | edit source]

Eli Bacon has discovered the secret of bacon following an accident involving his prized wrestling pig and a fire, and needs help ensuring there are enough pigs to sustain the expected popularity of his products. The rewards will include pig based foods such as bacon, pork pie, and a bacon-based alcoholic beverage, which have better healing capabilities than current foods of its level, and a summoning familiar that levels up with the player and has a range of abilities such as being able to fight with the player in combat, being a beast of burden, or being able to restore prayer points.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A new treat[edit | edit source]

Eli chathead.png

To start, talk to Eli at the pig pen of Falador Farm north of Port Sarim. The Explorer's ring 3 will allow you to Cabbage port to the Falador cabbage patch slightly east of it.

Eli will introduce "bacon", a new type of meat he has discovered and named after himself, to you by giving you a sample of it. Click the bacon to eat it and give your opinion. Eli wants to advertise pigs and explain how they are no longer useless animals, but serve as delicious meat. A cutscene occurs, laying out the plan to you.

Keeping the bacon addicts at bay[edit | edit source]

A group of Bacon addicts come to the farm in search of bacon.

Multiple locals have come to the farm in order to taste more bacon, however Eli initially believes they want to eat him instead. Eli explains how he gave a few a taste and now they are addicted. They open the gate and begin to lay butter on the pigs. Eli orders you to make decoys to distract the addicts.

Eli gives you a bacon heap and 9 planks, and can obtain more later by asking him. Build pig decoys at the hotspots in the centre of the field. First build it up with the planks, then add the bacon. Do it for all three decoys. You will need to continually add bacon to the decoys until Eli leads all the pigs out of the field.

After Eli has led all the pigs away from the addicts, you will be taken to the cellar of the house. Talk to Eli and he will explain that he wants to train pigs to gather people's attention. Answer based on which pig pet you would like. Then go to Martin the Master Gardener who can be found in Draynor Village.

Draynor Village[edit | edit source]

On the way to Martin, there is a wheat patch East of Draynor Village. Pick the wheat if you did not acquire any wheat yet.

Talk to Martin and ask to take one of Pigzilla's piglets. He will explain that he has been pickpocketed and wants you to give the culprit a good "kicking" before he will give you one.

Head north west and talk to each character. They will each say who each other was with. The person who was not mentioned by anyone is the culprit who pickpocketed Martin. Accuse him and then a cutscene will occur. The culprit is different for each player.

Oh look! A piglet and a kitten!

Martin orders you to punch the culprit, and you do so. However, they both complain that it was not enough, so the camera view directs you to a kitten and a pig, while your character savagely thrashes the culprit. Meanwhile you hear the voice of a narrator commentating on the two little creatures' adventures to the symphony of your bludgeoning of the pickpocket and his cries of pain. After the beating, Martin will give you the piglet.

Training the piglet[edit | edit source]

Head back to Eli in the storm cellar and hand over the piglet to him. Eli will then ask you to create a machine to train the Pigzilla piglet up into a fully grown pig. Go into the northern room and click to build the machine. Eli will supply you with what you need. Head back to the machine and click to upgrade it.

Eli will then ask you to get him 5 wheat. He will then explain that he wants to make the addicts fall asleep with a sleeping potion. Go back outside and put some bacon on the fake pig decoys, then drug the bacon. However, after the addicts eat the bacon, they do not fall asleep. Return to Eli and he will explain that the potion takes some time to work.

He will then ask you to get him 5 fresh picked onions. They must be obtained from a field after he asks for them, or he will not accept them. The closest onion patch is south of Draynor Village bank. Alternatively, you can use a Clan vexillum teleport and run south-west to the onion patch north of Rimmington.

The Pig emerges from the machine.

When returning to Eli, the addicts have disappeared and the pig is fully grown. You will hand over 5 onions to him. Now click on the machine to train the pig. A cutscene will occur where the pig enters the machine. The pig will exit wearing equipment relevant to the type of machine you made: a knapsack for a beast of burden, pots and a knife for combat, or a really small altar for prayer.

Visiting cities[edit | edit source]

Convincing villagers of the benefits of pigs.

Eli will then ask you to take the pig to the Lumbridge Castle courtyard, the Varrock Marketplace, the Ardougne Marketplace, and near the north Falador gate. He will give you a Pig display list to help you keep track. The cities may be visited in any order.

Make your way to Lumbridge and go into the castle's courtyard. Walk the pig and a cutscene will occur where several men and women will gather around you wondering why you are carrying a pig. You will explain how useful the pig is, the way depending on the option you chose for how pigs could be useful.

Now travel to the city of Varrock and walk north to the market square, south of the palace. More people will come to your attention and favour pigs. Go to Falador next and praise porcine procreation in the western marketplace of the city. The characters will again cheer for you and the idea of raising pigs. Finally, visit the East Ardougne marketplace in the easternmost part of the city. Once again, more characters will surround you and idolise pigs.

The order in which you visit the cities doesn't matter. You do have to wait for your character to cross the city off the list, or you will have to go back. After going to all four cities, return to Eli and he will say that the plan was a success and he will reveal bacon in a year's time or so.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Bringing Home the Bacon reward.png
Additional rewards/activities

After the quest, you can upgrade the pig creation machine using Construction, giving you access to stronger pig familiars.

Boosts may not be used to upgrade machines. Protean planks may not be used in lieu of the required planks.

  • Upgrading to tier 2 requires 44 Construction, 44 Crafting and 44 Summoning and 3 oak planks, 2 steel bars and at least 3 nails. Gives 100 Construction and Crafting experience.
  • Upgrading to tier 3 requires 84 Construction, 84 Crafting and 84 Summoning and 3 teak planks, 2 mithril bars, and at least 3 nails. Gives 1,000 Construction and Crafting experience.
Music unlocked

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Bringing Home the Bacon is not currently required for any quests or miniquests. However, ironmen accounts will need to complete it in order to complete the Infernal Source dig site mystery Contract Claws.

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Credits[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 23 November 2015 (Update):
    • Fixed a spelling error in 'receive' in the "Bringing Home the Bacon" quest journal.
  • patch 13 August 2013 (Update):
    • Players will now receive the correct type of pig pouches from Eli.
    • An animation and sound effect have been added to the pig machine when infusing pouches.
    • Players that have not completed Bringing Home the Bacon can no longer participate in co-op slayer assignments for pigs.
  • patch 29 July 2013 (Update):
    • Players who have not completed Bringing Home The Bacon no longer receive daily challenges far below their skill level.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Eli says "Just look at those useless no-horned unicorns that were all over the place a few years ago. When people worked out they tasted good they were wiped right out!". This is a reference to the lack of horses in RuneScape
  • Upon completion of the quest, the Adventurer's Log states: I learned the true value of a pig. Both in terms of friendship and in how much valuable, tasty bacon one can produce.
  • The predicament the Master Farmer faces in the quest is a reference to players pickpocketing him for seeds and Thieving experience.
  • Bacon was mentioned several times in-game before the release of this quest. One of the earliest examples includes talking to the Lumbridge Cook after the completion of Recipe for Disaster, where he thanks the player by saying, "You really got my bacon out of the fire there!" During the Gielinor Games Head-to-Head event, the Zombie commentator would make a comment when the Troll in a Tutu would distract the runners. Pig meat in the form of ham had also existed years before this quest was released, as a ham was on the H.A.M. Hideout's trapdoor.
  • Once you've drugged the addicts one of them has a chance of saying "Can't sleep, Dream pigs will eat me" this is a reference to a Simpson's episode where they flashback to Bart when he was a toddler, he says "Can't Sleep, Clown'll Eat Me" because he suffers nightmares from a badly made clown cot made by Homer.
  • Bringing Home the Bacon was the last quest to be released before the release of RuneScape 3.
  • The character of Eli Bacon seems to be based loosely on Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton, who used his pig farm as a way to dispose of his victims bodies. Although Eli won't outright admit that any of the missing characters in the area are his fault, there are many chat options that make him out to be a shady character, and possibly a cannibal.
    • There are four boxes in the cellar with what appears to be human skeletons.
  • This is the only voice-acted quest in which a character addresses the player by name. [clarification needed]