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A bridge section is an item used in the Trouble Brewing minigame that will repair bridges damaged by fires. A bridge section can be found on the supply table located in the team's main base. When a round of Trouble Brewing begins, the table will have an initial stock of 10 bridge sections. Players can make more by using logs on the crafting table, which is conveniently located next to the supply table. Logs can be gathered from the log store (also located within your base) or by chopping down the various trees around your base with an hatchet.

Depending on how long the fire was burning, it may take more than 1 bridge section to repair a bridge (up to 3). Therefore, players are advised to bring at least 3 to fix a bridge in order to avoid another unnecessary trip back to the base. However, since burning a bridge ultimately hurts both teams (especially the players gathering flowers), bridge sections are not usually used within the game.

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