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Brian O'Richard is the operator of the Flash Powder Factory, located in the Rogues' Den underneath the Pick and Lute in Taverley. He acts as a tutor for the minigame, providing information about how to play and permitting entry to those with level 50 Herblore and levels 75 Thieving and Agility.

He used to operate the Rogues' Den maze, which he used as a cover for the factory, relying on the mediocrity of the maze to distract from his true venture. He derived much of his wealth from the production of flash powder, powder used for convenient distractions. Unbeknownst to him, the Burthorpe Imperial Guard were fully aware of his operation and were actively buying the powder. When mountain trolls came down from the mountains and caused trouble, Commander Denulth visited Brian and demanded that he openly supply the Imperial Guard, paying less than what the crook wanted and demanding more than he had available, threatening to lock him up if he didn't comply. Brian, desperate to protect his freedom, opened up his factory to skilled adventurers, offering lucrative rewards like botanist's outfit pieces, factory outfit pieces and rogue equipment pieces.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Brian O'Richard is a reference to Richard O'Brien, the host of the 90s game show The Crystal Maze. In addition to having similar names, they are both bald, host mazes, play the harmonica and refer to their mothers as "mumsie".