Brassica primer

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Brassica primer detail.png

Brassica primer is an item received from Farming Guild requests that can be consumed to boost the experience gained from checking the health of and harvesting farming patches by 10% for 15 minutes. An icon is shown on the buff bar while the boost is active. The timer does not deplete while logged out.

There is a one in five chance of receiving one Brassica primer from easy requests, one guaranteed from medium requests, and three guaranteed from hard requests.

It stacks additively with other boosts, for example using Farmer's outfit (6%) and Brassica primer (10%) results in a 16% boost overall. However, unlike other experience boosts, Brassica primer also increases Farming reputation gain when used.

Harvesting from the crystal tree in Prifddinas does not benefit from the brassica primer boost.

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