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Branching crystals are found on Tarddiad, where they can be chopped for 240 Woodcutting experience per successful action.

A good location for chopping branching crystals is at the very south-eastern corner of Tarddiad, east of the building containing two crystal shapeshifters. This spot contains three branching crystals that are closely located to one another. Be sure to toggle off the crystal shapeshifters' aggression with Angof before cutting here.

Wearing pieces of the crystal armour or the attuned crystal armour increases the maximum number of crystal fragments players can obtain per successful cut by one for each piece worn. Players wanting to collect enough crystal fragments for a full set of attuned crystal armour should buy a full set of crystal armour in order to maximise the average amount of crystal fragments they can obtain.

With 99 Woodcutting, a crystal hatchet, a legendary lumberjack aura, a dose of perfect juju woodcutting potion, the 30 minute +2 Woodcutting boost from a God banner, and two beaver familiars, a player can chop around 350 crystal fragments per hour. With a full set of crystal armour or attuned crystal armour along with these conditions, a player can chop around 800 crystal fragments per hour.

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  • patch 1 September 2015 (Update):
    • Reduced the size of branching crystal tree stumps to avoid briefly trapping unaware adventurers.