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The bow-sword is a weapon requested by the monk, located outside the Paterdomus temple on the edge of Morytania. Once he has it, he uses it to assassinate several Entranan monks and steal a relic.

The sword is created at level 65 Smithing and 50 Fletching. First, a mithril 2h sword must be used on the whetstone in Doric's hut, east of Taverley, to produce a slender blade, then a bowstring must be attached to finish the bow-sword. Though the weapon has a "wield" option, attempting to do so produces the message "It's a bow and a am I supposed to use this?!" If asked, the monk refuses to teach the player how to wield the weapon, as it is a foreign weapon but hints at the possibility that one of their warriors can teach them.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

A forum post from Mod Ash revealed that a bow-sword is possible to design
  • At the end of Devious Minds, Sir Tiffy Cashien says that players may be able to learn how to use the bow-sword in the future.
  • The player re-encounters the assassin they helped during Devious Minds during The Temple at Senntisten, where he is seen wielding the bow-sword.
    • During this encounter, players can once again ask about acquiring a bow-sword for their own use. The assassin jokingly suggests that if they want a bow-sword, they should look into the sacred clay weapons from Stealing Creation, which can be morphed into all 3 types of weapon on the combat triangle.
  • While player-owned ports ships are out to sea, it is possible to get the message: "Your ship traded for a crate of swordbows. Sadly, a storm washed them overboard."