Bovimastyx trap

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Bovimastyx traps are used to catch bovimastyx hunter creatures in Daemonheim.

To fletch traps in Daemonheim, you must be raiding a dungeon on complexity level 5 or 6.

To make ranged gear, you will need to skin a bovimastyx: a docile, cow-like creature that paces about Daemonheim. There are two methods of doing this: the first is by simply killing it, but this will only ever produce one usable hide; the second is by hunting it, using a fletched trap to snare the bovimastyx.

To make a trap, you will only need a branch and a knife (branches can be gained by woodcutting in Daemonheim, a knife can be bought from the Smuggler). Having used the knife on the branches, you will be given the opportunity to fletch a trap, as long as you have the Fletching level required to make it.

Traps Level Experience
Tangle gum trap 3 Fletching 12
Sleeping elm trap 13 Fletching 21.6
Blood spindle trap 23 Fletching 36
Utuku trap 33 Fletching 55.2
Spinebeam trap 43 Fletching 79.2
Bovistrangler trap 53 Fletching 108
Thigat trap P2P icon.png 63 Fletching 141.6
Corpsethorn trap P2P icon.png 73 Fletching 180
Entgallow trap P2P icon.png 83 Fletching 223.2
Grave creeper trap P2P icon.png 93 Fletching 271.2