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A Tyrannomastyx.

Bovimastyx are unaggressive, slow, lizard like creatures similar in appearance to stegosaurus dinosaurs found within Daemonheim while training the Dungeoneering skill. They can be caught using bovimastyx traps with the Hunter skill, which provides 2-4 hides which can then be crafted into ranged armour. Alternatively, they can be killed, but this only results in a chance of a single hide.

Species[edit | edit source]

There are ten known species:

Hunter[edit | edit source]

With the proper Fletching and Hunter levels, a member can make a hunting trap and catch bovimastyx. Traps are made out of different types of wood. Contrary to popular belief, higher tiers of wood are not required to catch higher tiered bovimastyx, it simply gives better odds at successfully catching them. Bovimastyx hides will be given as a result of catching bovimastyx, which can be crafted into Ranged gear. It is possible that the bovimastyx destroys the trap, and so a new one must be made.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 4 August 2010 (Update):
    • You should now be able to use bones from various bovimastyx on prayer altar in Daemonheim.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Gluttonous behemoth eats from one or two bovimastyx carcasses during its boss fight. While one carass is of a gallimastyx, the other is unique and not seen elsewhere.
  • The Tyrannomastyx is the highest level bovimastyx, and its name might be a reference to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Some other names are references to prehistoric animals and dinosaurs as well. E.g.: Protomastyx → Protoceratops, Paramastyx → Parasaurolophus, Archaemastyx → Archaeopteryx, Dromomastyx → Dromaeosaurus, Spinomastyx → Spinosaurus, Gallimastyx → Gallimimus, Stegomastyx → Stegosaur, and Megamastyx → Megalosaurus.
  • The plates on their back resemble that of the Wuerhosaurus, a type of Stegosaurid dinosaur. Bovimastyx is also loosely based on this group of dinosaurs.
  • Despite the many dinosaur references, Bovimastyx loosely translates to 'ox master' (Bovine is an Italian adjective for 'of cattle', from Latin 'bovis' (genitive singular of 'bos') meaning 'ox', which in turn comes from an Osco-Umbrian word borrowed from the proto-italic *gʷōs', from Proto-Indo-European *gʷṓws').
  • It was possible for free players to obtain Tier 6-10 hide by killing these monsters, and can even craft them. By crafting these, they will have created a members' object. They could only sell the object after that. Now free worlds only spawn bovimastyx up to Dromomastyx (Tier 5).
  • Along with slayer monsters, they are the only monsters in Daemonheim with fixed combat levels.
  • Killing them is not required to pass through Guardian doors, and killing them has no effect on the Dungeoneering XP reward at the end.
  • Originally, the bones dropped by bovimastyx were called "big bones" and could not be used on prayer altars like other big bones to gain extra Prayer experience. This was patched during the elite treasure trails update.
  • Like there is no Primal rock (for Tier 11 melee equipment), or Sagittarian tree (for Tier 11 bows), there is no Sagittarimastyx for Tier 11 armour, nor is there a Celestial fern to make Tier 11 Magic robes.
  • There is a widely-believed myth that states that killing bovimastyx will negatively affect Dungeoneering XP gained after finishing the dungeon. This is NOT true, since they are considered hunter resources to members. There has been a long debate of this in the RuneScape forums, until a Jagex Moderator confirmed that they are a hunter resource. Generally speaking using up a resource would not have effect on any Dungeoneering experience.[1]
  • Their maximum hit will not be displayed when Monster Examine is cast on them.

References[edit | edit source]

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