Border guard (Al Kharid)

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For the now removed toll gate guards, see Border Guard.
This article is about Al Kharid border guards. For ones in Varrock, see Border guard (Varrock).

Border guards are stationed at the western gate of Al Kharid, leading to Fremennik shipmaster and Lumbridge Swamp, and the southern gate near the Shantay Pass. They cannot be interacted with normally, although the ones near the Shantay Pass play a role in the Evil Dave's Big Day Out quest as Al'Kharidian Guard 1 and Al'Kharidian Guard 2.

The border guards were added with the release of the starting area in September 2009 along with their counterparts in other parts of the free-to-play world, although another version existed long before at the Al-Kharid toll gate, until they were removed with Al Kharid graphical rework in 2012. With the release of The Bird and the Beast world event most of the remaining border guards were removed, with the exception of the ones in Al Kharid and Varrock.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The border guards are technically scenery objects, as indicated by the cyan name.