Boots of Arkaneeses

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The boots of Arkaneeses are a pair of golden boots. Sir Percival embarked on a quest a couple of months before the events of the Holy Grail quest to try and recover the boots, using magic gold feathers found by the Knights of the Round Table, said to point to the boots' location, to find his way to the boots. However, after his embarkment on the quest to recover the boots, during which he defeated many powerful enemies, Percival fell into a goblin trap, leading him to be enslaved for over three months before being rescued by the player character, who used another magic gold feather to find their way to Percival.[1][2][3]

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. ^ King Arthur, "Holy Grail", RuneScape. "We discovered some magic golden feathers that are said to point the way to the boots... They certainly point somewhere."
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