Boosted Animal

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Boosted Animal is an achievement which requires the player to have all 3 Deep Sea Fishing boosts active at the same time. The three Deep Sea fishing boosts to activate are:

Image Boosts
Deep sea fishing catch buff icon.png 10% chance to gain an additional catch
Deep sea fishing buff icon.png 10% increase to your fishing catch rate
Deep sea fishing xp buff icon.png 5% additional Fishing XP

Arkaneo random event grants all three boosts for free.

The following items can provide:

The boosts can be purchased from the travelling merchant as a possible daily item for 50,000 coins each, found by fishing in the Deep Sea Fishing hub, chosen from bottled boost from the Guardian of the Vault for Premier Club members, or found while completing Deep Sea Fishing random events.

Having a Tavia's fishing rod or being in proximity of a player with one equipped can also activate all three boosts.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This achievement's name could be a reference to a common insult used in games that use skill- or rank-based matchmaking—particularly in League of Legends. In this context, a player who purposefully relies on the skill of friends or another group of players to artificially inflate their rank beyond their capability is known as 'boosted'.

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