Book of A Thousand Songs

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Book of A Thousand Songs is the 1,000th soundtrack to be added to the Music Player. Its release unlocked the Demonic Rock Off emote for players who had already unlocked the previous 999 tracks. The song is also featured on Through The Ages Original Soundtrack.

A German version of the song was also released on SoundCloud.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Book of A Thousand Songs.

Journey, with me to Gielinor
From Ashdale, a world to explore
In search of the book of a thousand songs
As we set off from the shore...

Venture, into the wilderness
Battle, to be the best
Slaying, foes beyond reckoning
We were born to do this quest

Searching, o'er the driven snow
Oceans, deserts and caves
Fighting, dragons and sorcerers
Sending monsters to their graves

Autumn voyage in harmony
Draynor, to Catherby's sands
Crossing, meadow and waterfall
'Til we reach the Elven Lands

So now, book of a thousand songs
How so - I find you pretend...!
For you, are more than a thousand songs
And there'll never be an end...!
No there'll never be an end!

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