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The book-making table is a table located inside the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede. Players can use it to turn their god books into illuminated god books, if they have completed One Piercing Note. A Prayer level of 60 and Crafting level of 60 is required in order to use it.

An illuminated god book can only be created using a god book that has all 4 of its pages. Putting a completed god book onto the table will prompt 4 steps requiring an action to be taken in each. The actions are copy text; embellish initial capitals; add colour; and add gold leaf. Choosing the incorrect action will give you the dialogue box, "You put the [action] in the wrong place, ruining the manuscript" and will exit out of the process but will not actually ruin your completed god book. Each action will consume 200-250 prayer points. An altar upstairs can be used to replenish your prayer points.

Messages when book-making[edit | edit source]

Example using Holy Book:

Use Holy Book on Book-making table

  • You begin copying the Holy Book.
  • You put some fresh sheets of vellum on the stand and begin copying the manuscript.

Select 1 Copy text

  • You neatly copy the text of the book.

Select 2 Embellish initial capitals.

  • You embellish the initial capitals.

Select 3 Add colour

  • You add colour to the initial capitals.

Select 4 Add gold leaf

  • You add gold leaf to the initial capitals.
  • Illuminating a Holy Book for the first time makes you feel closer to Saradomin, and you learn more about crafting techniques.
  • You gain 10,000 Prayer XP and 10,000 Crafting XP.
  • You take the completed book.

Messages if book-making out of order or repeating step (or out of prayer points)

  • You begin copying but realise that you have already copied the text. You spoil the copy and will need to start again.
  • You put the initial capitals in the wrong places, ruining the manuscript.
  • You put colour in the wrong place, ruining the manuscript.
  • You put gold leaf in the wrong place, ruining the manuscript.

Message if using book when another book previously started

  • You already have an unfinished manuscript on the stand.

Message if starting without using book

  • You need to use a completed prayer book on the stand to begin copying.

Message if '1 Copy Text' with no or not enough prayer points

  • Your mind wanders and you make a mistake copying the text. You will need to start again.

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