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Bones to peaches tablets are items that can be used by any player to change normal bones or big bones into peaches. They were commonly used in place of the spell, as it takes up less inventory space than runes and some players have not bought the spell from the Mage Training Arena. However, their popularity has greatly declined after the Evolution of Combat, as Rejuvenate and Regenerate offer good sustainability with no cost, and peaches heal relatively less than before (they used to heal 80 life points, equivalent to 800 life points currently).

A player using a Bones to Peaches tab.

Players can create these only on a mahogany demon lectern as long as they have 2 nature runes, 4 earth runes, 4 water runes, and 1 soft clay, and at least level 60 Magic. Elemental staves can be also used to make tablets. So using a mud staff, staff of earth, or staff of water can make this more cost-effective. The spell is transferred to a piece of soft clay at a lectern in the Study of a player-owned house, creating a magic tablet. The experience for casting the spell is gained at the time the tablet is created. Like all tablets, the default option is to 'Break' this tablet, which casts the spell, but does not give any experience.

As with all player-made magic tablets, this tablet can be made regardless of the player's current spellbook. However, it requires the player to have first purchased the spell from the Mage Training Arena. This requirement does not apply when a player uses the tablet.

Making the bones to peaches tablet without the use of any staves will generate a profit/loss of -1339 coins, -1211 coins when using any water rune supplying staff or a tome of frost, -1267 coins when using any earth rune supplying staff, and -1139 coins when using a mud staff.

Cost[edit | edit source]

4Water rune.png4Earth rune.png2Nature rune.png1Soft clay.png1,496-1,339
Combo runes
4Water rune.png2Nature rune.png1Soft clay.png4Dust rune.png6,092-5,935
2Nature rune.png1Soft clay.png4Mud rune.png4,416-4,259
4Water rune.png2Nature rune.png1Soft clay.png4Lava rune.png5,496-5,339
4Earth rune.png2Nature rune.png1Soft clay.png4Steam rune.png5,640-5,483
4Earth rune.png2Nature rune.png1Soft clay.png4Mist rune.png5,468-5,311
4Earth rune.png2Nature rune.png1Soft clay.pngStaff of water.png1,368-1,211
2Nature rune.png1Soft clay.pngMud battlestaff.png1,296-1,139
4Water rune.png2Nature rune.png1Soft clay.pngStaff of earth.png1,424-1,267
4Earth rune.png2Nature rune.png1Soft clay.pngSteam battlestaff.png1,368-1,211
4Water rune.png4Earth rune.png1.8Nature rune.png1Soft clay.pngNature staff.png1,435.8-1,278.8
2Nature rune.png1Soft clay.pngElemental battlestaff.png1,296-1,139
2Nature rune.png1Soft clay.pngMystical staff (75).png1,296-1,139
4Water rune.png2Nature rune.png1Soft clay.pngLava battlestaff.png1,424-1,267
4Earth rune.png2Nature rune.png1Soft clay.pngAvernic wand.pngTome of frost.png1,368-1,211

Creation[edit | edit source]

Bones to peaches (item).png Bones to peaches (item)
Magic-Hourglass.pngMake-X GE icon.png
35.5 XP-6 (3.6s) / 1 (0.6s) [r 1]157
Magic Magic level60
Quests You need to learn how to cast Bones To Peaches from the Mage Training Arena
Construction-icon.png You require a mahogany demon lectern.
P2P icon.png Members only
Soft clay.pngSoft clay1694694
Water rune.pngWater rune432128
Earth rune.pngEarth rune41872
Nature rune.pngNature rune2301602
Total price1,496
  1. ^ When making a single tablet

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 16 March 2015 (Update):
    • It is no longer possible to make Bones to Peaches tablets without unlocking the spell from the Mage Training Arena first.