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Bone bolts can be bought from the Nardok's Bone Weapons shop, run by Nardok in the Dorgeshuun Mines, after completing The Lost Tribe quest. Bone bolts cannot be created by players.

Bone bolts offer a ranged damage bonus between that of steel and mithril bolts. They can be collected by ava's accumulator. It's also possible to hold them in the bolt pouch.

Prior to the Evolution of Combat, bone bolts, along with a Dorgeshuun or Zanik's crossbow, were a cost-effective Ranged training method. Nardok sells the bolts for 4 to 5 coins each, depending on the shop's current stock, but only sells a maximum of 300 at a time. It takes about a day for the shop's supply to completely restock. They were considered popular to train with amongst players training Ranged because of this low price, but this is obsolete due to the low rate of loss of ammo after the EoC. Nevertheless, they remain a good choice for low level players, especially those in Ironman Mode as making metal bolts from scratch may be time consuming and requires Mining, Smithing and Fletching levels.

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Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Bone I Fired (RuneScore.png 10) – Defeat the Skeletal Horror whilst wielding Zanik's crossbow and using bone bolts.

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  • patch 9 November 2009 (Update):
    • Adjusted the ‘delivery cost’ (the mark-up for players who buy these items from shops and sell them on the Grand Exchange) of mithril seeds, bone bolts and white boots.