Bomb (Pit of Trials)

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Bombs are small explosives thrown by Beastmaster Durzag.

Durzag initially throws one bomb out at a time, but after his pets Tuz and Krar are killed, he will throw one for each player in the arena. When released, they will immediately follow a selected player before exploding. Players can click on the bombs to defuse them. If they are not defused in time, they will explode and deal 2,000 unblockable magic damage to anything in a 5x5 radius, except Durzag himself, including Chargers, Tuz, Krar, and Clan Avatars, while also resetting the player's defensive abilities. It should be noted that players might fail in defusing the bombs, so continue clicking on it until it is defused. The chance to fail defusing a bomb seems to be dependent on the player's total level, with failure no longer being possible when total level reaches around 2500.

Players can simply run far enough to avoid getting hit by the bombs, but it is best to defuse them to prevent them from killing other teammates.

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