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The ports served by the boats of the Southern Sea.
The Fremennik ports.

The Boat network in RuneScape is a very popular means of transport, perhaps only surpassed by teleports and, for shorter distances that do not cross water, walking. It is mainly for members only, but a small network exists for non members as well. The network has two hubs, Rellekka and Port Sarim. Rellekka is the hub for boat services in the Fremennik Province, while Port Sarim is the hub for boat services in the Unquiet Ocean (although there are services to the eastern and western coasts).

Most surface kingdoms in RuneScape have some form of boat service. The Tree Gnome Stronghold does not have any boat services, but they are available a short walk to the west. The Kharidian Desert gained a service to Daemonheim as a result of the Dungeoneering update, and another Daemonheim service was added to Taverley as part of the Troll Warzone tutorial. Ape Atoll does not have any boat services.

Fares across the system vary, although the Charter ships have their own fare structure, services from East Ardougne and Port Sarim to Karamja cost 30gp, the service from the Tree Gnome Stronghold to Piscatoris costs 50gp, and many other services operate free of charge.

List of services[edit | edit source]