Blue blossom seed

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Blue blossom seed detail.png

The blue blossom seed is used in the Herblore Habitat. 54 Farming is needed to plant it in a vine flower patch. It will provide 52 xp for planting and 255 xp for harvesting. They can be bought from Papa Mambo in the Herblore Habitat area for 50 coins.

The Blue blossom seeds grow into blue vine flowers. Approximate time from planting the seed to being able to pick the blossom is 20 minutes.

When planted, certain jadinkos will be attracted to it (along with other plants that are required for that certain jadinko) and will show up in that area. Once the jadinko is in the area, it can then be hunted, depending which kind of jadinko it is (by either tracking with a noose wand or box trapping with a Marasamaw plant).

Blue blossom seed
Farming level 54
Patch Vine blossom
Payment N/A
Time 20 minutes (4x5 minutes)
Seeds per 1 seed
Planting 52
Harvesting 255
Seed Blue blossom seed
Plant Blue blossom plant
Crop Blue blossom
Chance to save[?] Unknown edit
Yield[?] 1

Growth stages[edit | edit source]

Healthy Blue vine blossom
Stage Description Image
1 The blue blossom seed has just been planted. Click for a larger image
2 The vine offshoots grow slightly longer. Click for a larger image
3 The vine offshoots grow significantly longer, and buds become noticeable at the ends. Click for a larger image
4 The vine blossom keeps growing, and the buds turn blue. Click for a larger image
5 The buds open up. The blue vine blossoms are ready to harvest. Click for a larger image
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7 {{{stage7}}} [[File:{{{image7}}}.png|150px|Click for a larger image]]
8 {{{stage8}}} [[File:{{{image8}}}.png|150px|Click for a larger image]]
9 {{{stage9}}} [[File:{{{image9}}}.png|150px|Click for a larger image]]
10 {{{stage10}}} [[File:{{{image10}}}.png|150px|Click for a larger image]]
11 {{{stage11}}} [[File:{{{image11}}}.png|150px|Click for a larger image]]
12 {{{stage12}}} [[File:{{{image12}}}.png|150px|Click for a larger image]]

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Mutated jadinko baby93 Multicombat.png1CommonP2P icon.png
Mutated jadinko guard96 Multicombat.png1CommonP2P icon.png
Mutated jadinko male100 Multicombat.png163/4096P2P icon.png
Offering stoneN/A Reward1CommonN/A

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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SellerLocationCostCurrencyBase stockMembers?
Papa Mambo's ShopHerblore Habitat50Coins 25.png Coins10P2P icon.png

Disassembly[edit | edit source]