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Blorgak leading the charge to break through the mountains.

Blorgak was a Bandosian ourg active during the God Wars. Mat'ahar'i wrote in the mission report about the acquiral of warforged bronze samples that Blorgak was assigned as the undercover spy's sales rep.[1]

Blorgak also appears in Armies of Gielinor as an enemy unit during "Seat of Bandos" level of Guthix Awakens campaign. Blorgak guarded The Seat of Bandos, a fortress in what is now the Wilderness, surrounded by an impassable mountain range. Bandos had spied upon the Guthixian troops' approach, and commanded his minions to advance against them. Blorgak led the charge that created an opening in the mountains, which ultimately backfired, as the opening he created made it possible for the Guthixians to invade and conquer the fortress. Blorgak died either during the conflict or at a later date, although he ultimately did not survive the Third Age.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Mission Report: Warforged Bronze, written by Mat'ahar'i, RuneScape. "My assigned sales rep - a very large being named Blorgak - told me it was where goblin mercenaries were made 'battle ready'."