Blood rune (Dungeoneering)

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For the standard variant, see Blood rune.
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Blood runes are a rune that appear similarly to their overworld variant in Dungeoneering. They can be crafted from rune essence or obtained as a drop from various monsters. 1 type of rune or arrow can be bound to the ammo slot, holding up to 125 (or 225 after completing Salt in the Wound) runes.

Blood runes can be crafted with rune essence at an altar on complexity 3+ dungeons by members with at least level 77 Runecrafting. Each action can use up to 5 essence, with each essence giving more runes based on your Runecrafting level. Make-X in Dungeoneering allows up to 50 actions to be performed, allowing a maximum of 250 essence used. Each crafting action grants 1 experience.

Prior to the Evolution of Combat, blood runes were required to cast wave spells and surge spells, but these now require multiple of the same types of elemental runes instead. Currently, no spells in the Daemonheim spellbook can use blood runes.

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