Blood of the Hybrid

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Blood of the Hybrid is a book used in River of Blood. It is obtained from a research table in a room with mutated bloodveld in the Meiyerditch Laboratories.

Book info[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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I have failed as a father, and for that I am sorry, but my work is too important to jeopardise by making contact with them any more.

Drakan has had the haemalchemy laboratory destroyed. Something he discovered about my work has made him fearful, as well he should be.

The work that I was forced to do for our vampyric overlords was of dark purpose and has no doubt caused much suffering over the years, but within it I discovered a glimmer of hope, and so I committed my life's work to it.

The vampyres sought to use my expertise to enslave us further, with ill experiments to extend our lives, subdue our minds, and to turn us into a more efficient food source.

They assumed this haemalchemical research would only lead to achieving their goals, but the magic is more versatile than they know.

I have had to compromise my ideals to keep up appearances, and the vampyres' foul experiments have only resulted in giving them the ability to corrupt other species, imposing their insatiable bloodlust upon them.

With this, they will bolster their ranks by converting our kind into their own.

But I have secretly used my research to lengthen my own meagre lifespan such that I could find a cure for vampyrism - not only to return these converts back human, but also to diminish the hunger of even the trueborn nobility of Vampyrium.

The key behind all of my discoveries was the refined daeyalt Lord Drakan presented to me for study. It proved to be the perfect catalyst, significantly easing changes between states.

Addding it to a simple Guthix balance potion makes it entirely reliable in its effect to revert subjects back to their original form, yet alone its effects are not lasting.

My research since this point has been extensive, and I have yet to discover a compound to make this effect permanent. Finding vampyric test subjects, willing or otherwise, has proven impossible.

Blood will be the key - it always is with haemalchemy.

Vampyric blood is too tainted, icyenic blood too pure, and human blood too malleable. I can only theorise that blood containing properties of human, vampyre and icyene alike could prove to be the ideal bridge to make any changes permanent.

Unfortunately, simple mixing of these bloods has no effect, and yet no hybrid creature exists with such mixed blood.

Finding this 'blood of the hybrid' may well prove to be an impossibility.

I only hope that those who follow in my footsteps are able to discover otherwise, and that my own legacy is not solely one of being an absent father.

Myreque prevail,
Mauritys Guile

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