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The blessed gold bowl is a quest item made during or after the Legends' Quest. It is described by Gujuo as a bowl made of the metal of the sun. If the blessed bowl is filled with the sacred pure water of the Kharazi Jungle water pool, using a cut reed, it can be used with an Enchanted vial to make a vial of holy water. Holy water is needed to free Ungadulu during the quest and is useful as a thrown weapon against demons after the quest. One bowl can fill up to 15 vials.

See the article on holy water for a more complete overview of the process to create holy water.

  1. Make the first golden bowl by using two gold bars and a hammer (the one on the tool belt works) at an anvil while holding the sketch (not necessary after the quest) given to the player by Gujuo. After making one golden bowl successfully, the player can smith golden bowls at any anvil, without need of the sketch, for 30 Smithing experience each. It is possible to fail to make a bowl and to lose the gold bars.
  2. In the jungle, summon Gujuo with a bull roarer to bless the bowl to make it able to hold sacred water.

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Leaving the jungle on foot with filled bowls makes the water disappear from the bowls. Players must teleport out of the jungle in order to bank filled bowls.
  • Gujuo does not bless any bowls once you have a filled one in your inventory, so get them all blessed first.
  • The maximum number of blessed gold bowls that can be filled at once is 28, without a beast of burden, by repeatedly dropping one to make room in inventory for a reed, then picking it up again. Otherwise players can simply fill 27 at a time, leaving one space for the reed.
  • Blessed gold bowls can be reused to make more holy water. Once a player has 28 blessed gold bowls, there is no need to make more, unless the player discards them.
  • Only water from the Kharazi water pool in a blessed gold bowl can be used to make holy water.
    • Filling an (unblessed) golden bowl from the Kharazi water pool changes its examine information to reveal that the water is pure but no longer sacred.
    • Filling a golden bowl or a blessed gold bowl with plain water from any other water source results in only plain water.

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