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For the scenery in New Varrock castle, see Black prism (Dimension of Disaster).
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The black prism is an item used during the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest which can be found by searching the ogre coffin in the northwesternmost room of the cave in Jiggig.

Using the look-at option on the prism yields a message that suggests that it was involved in the explosion that hit the area, and was blasted into the coffin. Zavistic Rarve identifies it as a tool of necromancy; it had been used to populate Jiggig with Zogres. Later in the quest, the player discovers that it was Sithik Ints who has used to do so out of his hatred toward ogres. You can sell it to Zavistic Rarve for 2,000 coins or Yanni Salika for 5,000 coins.

If the black prism is lost, it can be found again by searching the ogre coffin it was originally found in during the quest. However, if the player has sold a black prism to either Yanni or Zavistic, searching the coffin will yield the message "you find nothing inside this time." The player can utilise the drop trick to obtain multiple black prisms from the coffin, although they can only do this if they have not previously sold one. Although Yanni will sell the player some other quest items back, he will not sell the black prism back to the player. This means the player can never obtain a black prism again once they have sold one to Yanni or Zavistic. The player can only ever sell one black prism; neither NPC will buy any additional ones, even if the original one was sold to the other NPC.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the player sells a black prism to either Zavistic or Yanni, they will automatically take all prisms the player owns, even if they are banked. To retain any extra black prisms the player has, they must drop all but one their black prisms and then pick them all back up again after selling one.
  • Graphically, the black prism is similar to the shadow diamond from the quest Desert Treasure, and a cut onyx.