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This article is about the pet. For other uses, see Bill (disambiguation).
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Bill is one of the six araxyte pets that may be obtained as a rare drop from Araxxi. Araxyte pets are very rare drops from Araxxi, although the chances to obtain one may be increased by a player sacrificing their drops in a given kill. After one of them is obtained as a drop, the rest must be unlocked by completing various tasks within the Araxxor fight, after which it will automatically be added to the pet interface. Bill may be unlocked by killing Araxxi after she has absorbed 100% all of the acid from the pool.

Like the other pets, Bill shares his design with one of the lesser araxytes that features in the boss fight, in his case an acidic or highly acidic spider.

Steps to obtain[edit | edit source]

  1. Burn the web for the light path or the minions path, while the acid path is open
  2. Complete phases 1-2 as usual
  3. Prolong phase 3 until all 4 highly acidic spiders spawn, but do not lure any of them into Araxxor
  4. Kill Araxxor, after which Araxxi absorbs 100% acid from the 4 surviving highly acidic spiders. You might have to stall phase 4 for Araxxi to absorb all acid as Araxxi absorbs them in parts.
  5. Kill Araxxi after obtaining 100% acidity


  • This pet cannot be obtained when taking the acid path, because Araxxi only absorbs 50% acid at once and can use other special attacks before the second absorption.
  • This requires the Acid path to be open
  • Araxxi has to absorb leftover acid twice to reach 100% acidity

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