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This article is about the kill count doors in the God Wars dungeon. For other uses, see Big door (disambiguation).

Big doors are used to prevent players from entering the lobby of the generals in the God Wars Dungeon. They require 40 kills of the respective gods' followers. If the player does not have 40 kills of the respective god's followers, they will receive the following message: This door is locked by the power of Armadyl/Bandos/Saradomin/Zamorak/Zaros! You will need to collect the essence of at least 40 of his followers before the door will open.

For the doors in Armadyl's Eyrie, Bandos' Stronghold, Saradomin's Encampment, and Zamorak's Fortress, this requirement can be bypassed by activating the Totem of Intimidation on Anachronia, which grants the ability for the player to skip the kill count at the God Wars Dungeon (not including for Nex). It can also be bypassed with kills saved in a soulstone. For the door in the Ancient Prison, this requirement can be bypassed by either wearing the ancient ceremonial robes, or by giving Ashuelot Reis 10 million coins, a set of ancient ceremonial robes, and a frozen key.

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