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Bid Bada Bamboo is a shop run by Alder (bamboo merchant) on Tuai Leit in The Arc, where players may buy and sell bamboo for chimes.

While the store's stock is initially 0, any bamboo you sell will be kept permanently and will not reset.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price Buy +1 price[s 1] Buy +2 price[s 2]
Bamboo.png: Big Bada Bamboo sells 0 of Bamboo for 10 and buys them for 1Bamboo010Chimes 1.png1Chimes 1.png1Chimes 1.png1Chimes 1.png
Golden bamboo.png: Big Bada Bamboo sells 0 of Golden bamboo for 30 and buys them for 3Golden bamboo030Chimes 20.png3Chimes 1.png3Chimes 1.png3Chimes 1.png
Bundle of bamboo.png: Big Bada Bamboo sells 0 of Bundle of bamboo for 100 and buys them for 11Bundle of bamboo0100Chimes 100.png11Chimes 1.png12Chimes 1.png13Chimes 1.png
  1. ^ Buy price after upgrade tier 1
  2. ^ Buy price after upgrade tier 2

Unlocking Commodity sell price can be upgraded twice and increases the chimes earned by 11% each. More information can be found on the Chimes page.

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