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Bervirius is the deceased son of Rashiliyia and King Danthalas, and his tomb is found underneath Cairn Isle. He was killed in battle and Rashiliyia, overcome with grief, swore fealty to Zamorak if he would resurrect Bervirius. Bervirius was then resurrected but returned as undead, not as a human. He killed many guards before they were able to stop him by setting him on fire. Afterwards, his remains were taken to the area that is now his tomb, as this was thought to be the only way to contain his undead spirit.[1]

His tomb is visited during the Shilo Village quest, where the player seeks a way to approach Rashiliyia.[2]

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Tattered scroll, "Shilo Village", RuneScape. "Bervirius, son of King Danthalas, was killed in battle. His devout mother Rashiliya was so heartbroken that she swore fealty to Zamorak if he would return her son to her. Bervirius returned as an undead creature... Many guards died fighting the undead Bervirius. Eventually the undead Bervirius was set on fire... His remains were taken far to the South, and then towards the setting sun to a tomb that is surrounded by and level with the sea. This is the only way to contain the spirits of witches and the undead."
  2. ^ Trufitus, "Shilo Village", RuneScape. "I think we must take Zadimus' clue literally and get some item that belonged to Bervirius as it may be the only way to approach Rashiliyia. Perhaps something like this exists in his tomb?"