Baxtorian Falls resource dungeon

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The Baxtorian Falls resource dungeon is a resource dungeon located within the Waterfall Dungeon of Baxtorian Falls. It requires level 35 Dungeoneering and the Waterfall Quest to enter. Players will be granted 3,000 Dungeoneering experience upon first entrance to the dungeon.

The entrance to the resource dungeon
The entrance

Getting inside[edit | edit source]

To get in you need a rope and Glarial's amulet. A rope rack can be built near the raft to supply the rope. It is not necessary to wear the amulet, simply having it with you is enough. Go to the raft on top of Baxtorian Falls, and ride the raft down. Use a rope on the rock on the small island to the south. Use a rope on the tree. Enter the dungeon and run forward, past the shadow spiders, and into the middle room with fire giants. The resource dungeon is found in the back of the room.

Inside the dungeon[edit | edit source]

Inside there are 13 fire giant spawns, and several good safe spots for long-range fighters. There are no spawns of any resource. This area may be useful if there is another player using a cannon outside the resource dungeon.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Map[edit | edit source]

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