Battleworn Steel Armour

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Battleworn Steel Helmet chathead.png

The Battleworn Steel Armour is a promotional outfit that is redeemable by players through a code obtained from the SteelSeries website following their partnership with Jagex in September 2021, along with 20 Treasure Hunter keys and 400 RuneCoins.

Unlocking the outfit prompts a message You have redeemed a Steelseries promotional code and unlocked the Battleworn Steel Armour override!

It consists of:

  • Battleworn Steel Helmet
  • Battleworn Steel Chestplate
  • Battleworn Steel Legplates
  • Battleworn Steel Gloves
  • Battleworn Steel Boots

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Reclaiming the package initially rewarded 35 Treasure Hunter keys and 200 RuneCoins instead of the 20 keys and 400 RuneCoins that were advertised. Players who got the initial amounts were given the missing 200 RuneCoins retroactively but also had the extra 15 keys removed. Some players who had already used up the keys have reported Hearts of Ice being deducted instead.