Battle over the Heart of the Sun

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Battle Over the Heart of the Sun was a battle between the Heriditas Expedition on one side and the Mahjarrat Temekel and the nomads on the other side.

History[edit | edit source]

The Heriditas Expedition had departed Kharid-et searching for any remains of Tumeken. In their travels through the desert, the force managed to lose their way and lose nearly half their troops and a third of their priests.

After picking a direction and walking for many hours, the group eventually came upon the very plain where Tumeken had sacrificed himself. There, the Zarosians encountered a number of nomads.

The battle[edit | edit source]

Temekel showed Lucien and Bilrach the giant diamond they called the Heart of the Sun, and then introduced himself to his Mahjarrat brothers who had forgotten him. Immediately after his introduction, the nomads attacked the Zarosians.

The Zarosians formed a defence around the priests while Temekel and the nomads advanced, causing many casualties among the human soldiers. The Heart occasionally flared, reviving fallen nomads.

Bilrach quickly seized The Heart and threatened to destroy it if the nomads didn't surrender.

Temekel quickly, yet defiantly, surrendered and was then beheaded by Lucien.

The nomads, leaderless, ran into the desert while pursued by the Zarosians.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The Zarosian expedition had been reduced to nearly two dozen troops, but had gained the Heart of the Sun (later called the Kharid-ib) and returned to the fortress of Kharid-et.