Battle of Plain of Mud

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The Battle of Plain of Mud was a major battle which took place in the mid Fourth Age, in the area which is now modern-day Hemenster. The battle was fought between eleven goblin tribes (minus the Dorgeshuun, who had established a society underground), and was a turning point in goblin history, now remembered by goblins far and wide as the turn of the new Goblin century.

The location of Hemenster

Prelude and battle[edit | edit source]

About in the middle of Fourth Age, the larger human and a few other intelligent races' settlements were able to defend themselves from attacks by hostile tribes and races. Goblins, who had been driven north by the ogres as a result of the Feldip Hills Civil War, were starting to lose the competition for food resources in Gielinor due to inferior technology and skills. Due to the fact that food was unevenly distributed between different goblin tribes, goblin tribes without food started attacking tribes with food.

It culminated when almost every goblin tribe gathered into two factions in place of modern Fishing Guild and the Battle of Plain of Mud began which lasted several days. Both sides were about evenly strong, and casualties were heavy. Due to the rainy weather, lots of goblin bodies and goblin feet trampling the ground, it turned into an enormous, sunken Plain of Mud.

Hopespear's vision[edit | edit source]

Most of these events are true, though Hopespear did not give enough reason behind it - Bandos, who had been exiled back to Yu'buisk by Guthix near the end of the God Wars, had become so vengeful that he destroyed his remaining followers on the planet. Upon realizing his mistake, Bandos then returned his focus on Gielinor, simply watching his followers - the more intelligent hobgoblins and ogres were waiting for his return, while the goblins erupted into anarchy due to their weaker state. This culminated into the Battle of Plain Mud, where Bandos helplessly watched as the goblins killed each other in a massive battle. He knew that he had to intervene, but had no idea how he would be able to do so. Following a particularly brutal battle in which only a quarter of the goblin forces who had descended to the plains to fight remained, Bandos desperately scoured the camps to manipulate the events.

In his scrying, he saw a goblin from the Narogoshuun tribe (Hopespear) staring directly at him, frozen in place. Bandos assumed that this goblin was spiritually sensitive enough to detect him through Guthix's edicts, and ordered the goblin to acknowledge him. The goblin immediately fell to his knees, and Bandos gave him instructions, ordering the goblins to stop fighting and that he would send them a Chosen Commander to lead them to glory.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After Hopespear told about his vision to his general, all of the remaining goblin generals gathered to an emergency meeting and ended the battle. Hopespear's vision was written down in a Goblin Holy Book, and a temple was built in the place where Battle of Plain of Mud took place. It soon sank into mud where it is still one of the most important goblin temples, featuring in many quests in the Dorgeshuun quest series, as well as the Hopespear's Will miniquest. There is also the last resting place of Hopespear, the prophet.