Battle of North Falador

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The Battle of North Falador is an unofficial name given to an armed conflict that took place between Falador and the Kinshra in the Year 163 of the Fifth Age. Although the event is hinted at elsewhere, it is referred to most heavily in the Varrock Museum, where a display partially dedicated to it can be found.

Although it had few immediate far-reaching effects, the Battle of North Falador is noted for firmly establishing an open hostility between the Kinshra and White Knights. The Kinshra never managed to reach Falador's northern walls, and casualties were relatively light compared to some of the two's other battles. Nonetheless, the battle would play a significant role in determining relations between them in the future.

Background[edit | edit source]

Prior to the battle, the Kinshra and White Knights had, for the most part, avoided open conflict. The Kinshra's banishment from Asgarnia in 162 had been the last time they had come near to open battle. The death of Lord Shadwell during the Edgeville Incident and the inauguration of a weak-willed successor had led to a period of brief silence between the orders.

Commander Daquarius, who had effectively taken over many of the Order's leadership functions since Shadwell's death, managed to stir up hostility amongst the Kinshra. He led a force from the Black Knights' Fortress on Ice Mountain to the frigid woodlands north of Falador, where the two sides met.

The battle[edit | edit source]

The battle itself was relatively straightforward. Neither side was able to push the other far enough back to create any significant progress. While the Kinshra were unable to gain Falador, the White Knights similarly could not reach the Kinshra fortress or cause major damage to the enemy forces.

Both sides eventually withdrew, although Asgarnia's political atmosphere would suffer as a result.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The hostilities between Asgarnia and the Kinshra would reach a new high in the wake of the battle. In addition, the battle's indecisiveness emphasised the then-Kinshra Lord's inability to use military force in furthering the order's progress. This, coupled with his failed political policies, would ultimately lead to his assassination.

The indecisiveness of the battle would be remedied during the War of 164, during which Lord Sulla employed more unorthodox tactics against Asgarnia. Ultimately the armed conflict that emerged during the Battle of North Falador continues to this day.