Battle of Ice Troll Caves

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For years, two conflicts were waged on the Fremennik Isles: A cold war between Jatizso and Neitiznot, and both fighting against the Ice Trolls.

Around Year 168 of the Fifth Age, the Ice Trolls launched an attack that damaged the village of Neitznot, destroying many homes and killing many, including the son and wife of Mawnis Burowgar.

In Year 169 of the Fifth Age, King Gjuki Sorvott IV reached out to the Adventurer who had earned the Fremennik Title and requested that they aid Jatizso. Jatizso was heavily defended, but as also heavily taxed with a people with low morale. The King wanted the adventurer to help around the island and spy on Neitznot.

The adventurer did so, and gained intelligence that the burgher was planning to launch an attack on the Ice Trolls with his trained militia and Honour guard. While spying, the adventurer aided the locals enough that the gained the trust of the burgher. The adventurer reported their findings to King Gjuki. However, the King did want Neitznot to have the glory, and planned his own invasion and heavily taxed his citizens to fund it. Finally, he sent the adventurer back to Neitznot to send a notice not to interfere with Jatizso's assault, or it would be considered an act of war.

Neitiznot asked the adventurer to lead their assault, but firth the adventurer would have to pass the local challenges of making Yak-hide armour and wielding it into battle to protect from the attacks of the Ice Trolls.

The Battle[edit | edit source]

The Jatizso and Neitznot armies arrived at the caves separately. The Jatizso army arrived first and began engaging the Ice Trolls. The Neitiznot army arrived by sea, however all of their ships crashed, but they still managed to land and begin to fight the Ice Trolls as well. The adventurer was one of the last to arrive.

The Neitznot Honour Guard and the adventurer attacked the ranks of Ice Trolls. After the adventurer personally killed 10 Ice Trolls, a path was cleared enough so that they could personally fight the Ice Troll King.

After a duel, the Ice Troll King was defeated, decapitated, and his head returned to Mawnis as a trophy.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Even though the Ice Troll King was killed, along with a number of Ice Trolls that day, the militia of Jatizso still fights the trolls in the caves. In addition, the Neitznot Honour Guard still fights the Ice Trolls on the peninsula north of the town.