Battle of East Lumbridge

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Not to be confused with Battle of Lumbridge.

The Battle of East Lumbridge was a military conflict waged by a tribeless group of goblin belligerents against the Misthalanian agrarian settlement of Lumbridge. The ensuing standoff lasts to this day, although the goblins and humans have since become relatively passive towards one another.

Description[edit | edit source]

A Jagex wallpaper depicting the Battle.

Although the party that invaded Lumbridge was relatively large, it appears that it was initiated by the goblins without any follow-up plans or significant motivation. The invaders looted eastern Lumbridge heavily, killing many of its residents and burning a number of homes to the ground. This was evidently the extent of their goal, however, and no follow-up action was ever planned or enacted.

Much of eastern Lumbridge was destroyed in the invasion, resulting in primarily civilian casualties. For instance, the elderly mage Lozar, who had fled Crandor in Year 139, was slain in her home. Others managed to escape, but usually at great personal cost. Lachtopher, a long-time Lumbridge resident, narrowly escaped the destruction of his eastern home but lost virtually all of his property in the process. Another Lumbridge resident known as William managed to escape, but lost his home and family in the massacre. The goblins' control of the eastern river bank briefly made trade between the Breadbasket of Misthalin, Varrock, and Al Kharid extremely difficult, although this did not last long.

Eventually the residents of Lumbridge, under Duke Horacio's supervision, organised a militia force against the goblins. The ensuing skirmishes between the two sides were primarily Lumbridge victories, and the more powerful fortification of the west side and Lumbridge Castle meant that the two sides eventually found themselves in a standoff.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The standoff created by the battle continues to this day, although its scope has diminished greatly since its initiation. The goblins' lack of numbers and organisation eventually took its toll, forcing them to fortify small huts and pathways near the riverbank. The two sides have since come to something of an understanding, and remain in a state of relative peace.

Although the majority of Lumbridge now tolerates the goblin presence, their continued lawlessness within the town has remained a subject of concern for the area. The goblins are known to loot goods from homes and slaughter stolen livestock to feed themselves. They wander relatively freely around the Al Kharid border, although the level of violence was low. Regardless, most of the residents of Lumbridge hope that the east side can eventually be reclaimed. Some groups, such as the extremist Humans Against Monsters group that operates near one of the bridges over the Lum, have taken actions ranging from political petitioning to open violence against them. The events of the Dorgeshuun quest series, however, have led to a ceasing in violence executed by the group.

The Lumbridge Guard were established in 169 largely in response to the Battle. The relative ease with which the goblins claimed the east side raised the issue of what Lumbridge would do if attacked by greater forces. The Guard operates throughout Lumbridge. Two guardsmen defend the bridge from goblins.

Parts of eastern Lumbridge remain under relative goblin control.

The surfacing of the Dorgeshuun Cave Goblins from Dorgesh-Kaan occurred shortly after the Battle, prompting concern amongst citizens, particularly Lumbridge Advisor Sigmund, as to the security of the city. Although the Dorgeshuun were peaceful, some feared they may support the surface-goblins' cause. Despite anti-goblin sentiment in much of Lumbridge, a treaty was signed between the ruler of Dorgesh-Kaan, Ur-Tag, and Duke Horacio, so the two nations have since existed extremely peacefully.

Only one known Goblin, Wormbrain, has currently been brought to justice for the raiding and killing of Lozar.

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