Battle at Piscatoris Fishing Colony

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The Piscatoris Fishing Colony had been suffering attacks by Sea Trolls and placed a call for assistance. A passing adventurer (with a great deal of experience) offered their aid in fighting the Sea Trolls, however the colony was set on recruiting Dionysius, also known as the Wise Old Man. The adventurer went off to inform the Wise Old Man of their plight, which only required a discussion of the situation and some runes, with the Wise Old Man considering this fight to be his "Swan Song".

First fight[edit | edit source]

When the adventurer and the Wise Old Man arrived at the Fishing Colony, they were attacked by 7 Sea Trolls. Working together, with the Wise Old Man casting Saradomin Strike, and the adventurer fighting in front, they were able to overcome the trolls.

Preparing defences and getting reinforcements[edit | edit source]

Despite an initial victory, the Colony was still not prepared. The Wise Old Man met with Herman Caranos to set plans, while the adventurer was tasked with repairing the fences around the Colony and getting Monkfish supplies. During their efforts, the adventurer was attacked by several more Sea Trolls, but dispatched them.

The Wise Old Man and Herman suggested talking to Wizard Frumscone at the Wizards' Guild to borrow some undead for an army. But after the adventurer talked about the situation, the Wizard refused to aid, but did suggest that Malignius Mortifer could aid them.

Malignius did aid the adventurer by providing them with Bone seeds to grow an army of undead Skeleton Mages. With an army in hand, the adventurer returned to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.

Final fight[edit | edit source]

With their defences ready, the Wise Old Man and adventurer waited at the shore for the Sea Trolls to arrive. When the trolls started to emerge from the water, the adventurer removed the lid from pot containing the Bone Seeds, and 7 Skeletal Mages appeared to face the 7 Sea Trolls in the first wave of attack. The Skeleton Mage effectively used Fire Spells to eliminate the first wave.

The Sea Troll General then appeared, and the Wise Old Man fought it in single combat. With a combination of melee attacks, Saradomin Strikes, and quick movements, the Wise Old Man was able to force the General to retreat without taking any serious injuries. As the General retreated, the Wise Old Man used a special spell that finished it off once and for all.

After the defeat of the General, the Sea Troll Queen appeared, and incapacitated the Wise Old Man with a single attack, leaving the adventurer to face the Queen on their own. After a long duel, the adventurer managed to slay the Sea Troll Queen.

With the defeat of the Sea Troll Queen, there were no more reported attacks by Sea Trolls on the Colony, and the Wise Old Man officially retired from adventuring.