Battle at McGrubor's Wood

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The Battle at McGrubor's Wood was an ambush orchestrated by mercenaries of Lucien in an attempt to assassinate Idria. When the player is sent to seek help from the Guardians of Armadyl by the druid Thaerisk Cemphier, they arrive at the battle site and see a mercenary mage attacking a Guardian of Armadyl and ordering two axemen to attack another one, as part of a series of assassinations commanded by Lucien to neutralise anybody that can harm him. The mercenaries must be defeated, or they would be able to get to Idria, the leader of the Guardians. After the player has attacked the mage a few times, he teleports away, in a similar way to shady strangers. Next, if the player is quick, the two axemen can be defeated with both guardians still being alive, otherwise it's possible that none of them survive. After the battle is over, the player must talk to the wounded guardian next to a tree, who will tell the player to seek Idria and then succumb to his wounds and fall unconscious.