Battle at Keldagrim Watchtower

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Following his humiliation at not getting his face on a statue, Hreidmar and The Red Axe withdrew from the Consortium and began operations to build up a Chaos dwarf army. For weeks after their departure, missing person reports came in from east Keldagrim, but the Dwarven Black Guard lacked the men, time, and interest to investigate all of the reports. The Adventurer and Veldaban both conducted their own investigations, but had their memories wiped after finding out the Red Axe was responsible. In addition, Veldaban's friend Hilda who was helping him to conduct his investigations, had also gone missing.

As the Adventurer was visiting Veldaban in Keldagrim, Colonel Grenda reported an attack on the Southern Watchtower. The Dwarven Black Guard had already engaged the Chaos Dwarves and defeated most of them, but lost 6 of their own. The last Chaos Dwarf was trapped in the Watchtower, but the Guard did not have enough men to attack.

After getting a report of the new Hand cannon weapon used by the Chaos Dwarves, the adventurer and Veldaban went to fight the Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer, and after a brief battle, won.

After defeating the Chaos Dwarf, the adventurer found a Mysterious slip, that after an investigation, would lead to the Red Axe's involvement in the missing Dwarves and prompt an invasion by the Red Axe at the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield.