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The battle-mage robe is part of the battle-mage armour set. It requires 85 Magic, Strength, and Defence to wear, but not to obtain. It may be received after winning in the TzHaar Fight Pit - an interface will appear from which one of the three hybrid armour bodies can be chosen. The chance of receiving the robe is increased if more games are won, and it can only be received if there is space in your inventory. It can also be bought from Stanley Limelight for 700 thaler.

The entire set gives a 15% damage bonus while playing Castle Wars, Soul Wars, Fist of Guthix and TzHaar Fight Pit, but does not stack with the Castle Wars armour sets. The Battle-mage robe has very high stats and exceeds even the Torva platebody on average. Torva armour is however better outside selected minigames.  It's also easier to get this item, by simply playing the minigame with friends. Despite rumours, this armour is entirely cosmetic outside of the selected PvP minigames. It takes on average 300 wins to receive the 1st piece.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Upon obtaining a battle-mage robe, the Adventurer's Log reads:
    I found a battle-mage robe.
    After winning in the TzHaar Fight Pits, I found a battle-mage robe.