Barrows Town

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Barrows Town is the unofficial name given to an empty and unnamed town just outside the walls of the Barrows brothers' graves, in southern Morytania. The town is small and dilapidated, with four small buildings that the player cannot see into. The doors cannot be opened, though when examined they will bring up the text "It's locked." In the centre of the town, there is a well which leads to Barrows: Rise of the Six. The Crumbling tome sits on a table inside a house at the entrance to the Barrows graveyard.

This village may be the remains of the camp of the Saradominist army that invaded Morytania on their crusade to free the region, known as the Morytania Campaign. When the six brothers succumbed to their wounds, their men made a camp here and buried them at the barrows.

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  • Before 13 November 2013, the well was a water pump that worked as a water source.