Strategies for Barrows: Rise of the Six

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This article is a strategy guide for Barrows: Rise of the Six.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page. For the normal mode strategy guide, see here.
18 May 2022

Recommended levels and equipment[edit | edit source]

Barrows totem detail.png
You need a Barrows totem to enter the boss arena. One totem is consumed every encounter with the boss.
Level recommendations
Style All Large.png
It is recommended to have at least level 80+ in your chosen combat style (Attack & Strength, Ranged or Magic).
It is recommended to have at least level 80+ Defence.
Deflect Melee.png
At least 71 Prayer and ancient curses are recommended to protect against this boss' attacks.
Overload detail.png
Use the best combat potions that you have to increase your hit chance and damage. Overloads are recommended at level 96 Herblore.
Augmented gear with basic perks is sufficient at 86 Invention.
This boss attacks using all three combat styles, so use any protection prayer if you do not have Soul Split.
Soul Split.png
If you deal high damage, you can use soul split during the fight instead of protection prayers.
Equipment recommendations
Zero weakness icon.png
This involves fighting against multiple weaknesses. Refer to the page below for details.
Use tier 80 weaponry or better
(see recommendations).
Optional boosts
The brothers are immune to damage from familiars. A nihil familiar is recommended because this boss has a very high Defence rating, and players often have low hit chance.
Undead Slayer.png
This boss is an undead creature and undead slayer effects provide additional damage against it.
Slayer helmet immune.png
This boss does not count as any slayer task, so the slayer helmet damage boost has no effect.
Anti-poison Active (self status).png
This boss is immune to poison. Cinderbane gloves and weapon poisons do not deal additional damage.

Barrows totem detail.png
You need a Barrows totem to enter the boss arena. One totem is consumed every encounter with the boss.
Level recommendations
Style All Large.png
It is recommended to have at least level 99+ in your chosen combat style (Attack & Strength, Ranged or Magic).
It is recommended to have at least level 99+ Defence.
At least 95 Prayer and ancient curses are highly recommended to improve your damage.
Overload detail.png
Use the best combat potions that you have to increase your hit chance and damage. Overloads are recommended at level 96 Herblore.
Augmented gear with advanced perks is recommended at 120 Invention.
This boss attacks using all three combat styles, so use any protection prayer if you do not have Soul Split.
Soul Split.png
If you deal high damage, you can use soul split during the fight instead of protection prayers.
Equipment recommendations
Zero weakness icon.png
This involves fighting against multiple weaknesses. Refer to the page below for details.
Use tier 90 weaponry or better
(see recommendations).
Optional boosts
The brothers are immune to damage from familiars. A nihil familiar is recommended because this boss has a very high Defence rating, and players often have low hit chance.
Undead Slayer.png
This boss is an undead creature and undead slayer effects provide additional damage against it.
Slayer helmet immune.png
This boss does not count as any slayer task, so the slayer helmet damage boost has no effect.
Anti-poison Active (self status).png
This boss is immune to poison. Cinderbane gloves and weapon poisons do not deal additional damage.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Though still considered undead, the Salve amulet and its enchanted version does not work against them.

Dharok, Guthan, Torag and Verac are susceptible to the inquisitor staff, Karil to the terrasaur maul and Ahrim to the hexhunter bow respectively like their original encounters. However, it's generally better to bring tier 92 weapons (and chinchompas if ranging) of your choosing to avoid unnecessary switches, as the boss encounter is generally not expected to last very long.

Styles[edit | edit source]

  • Ranged - Range is the best form of combat against the brothers, as none of them are capable of draining the player's Ranged stat. It also bypasses Ahrim's Levitate ability, as he will still take 100% damage from ranged attacks. Using Mechanised chinchompas is highly recommended due to its AoE damage. When chinchompas are not in use, switch a more powerful ranged weapon. Most teams currently use Ranged with the Dark bow special stored in Essence of Finality amulet.
  • Melee - While it is possible to use melee, it is only recommended for experienced players on sides that do not have Ahrim. Ahrim's Flight makes him immune to melee damage, and his attacks can drain a player's Strength level. Karil's attacks will also drain a player's Attack level, although with timed, stacked AoEs he can be taken out before the attack drain becomes too troublesome. In triple melee, it is easy to run all three brothers with any melee weapon of their choosing. Even then, using melee is rather hard as players will have less time to react to special attacks, although trimmed masterwork can save the player from potentially fatal hits.\
  • Magic - less commonly used due to a lack of AoEs or high burst damage compared to the other two combat styles. Ahrim's Flight causes him to take 50% magic damage and Karil drains Magic levels as usual like his original incarnation, decreasing overall accuracy.

Presets[edit | edit source]

Phoenix necklace.pngPortent of item protection.pngRing of vigour.pngAugmented Seren godbow.png
Augmented off-hand ascension crossbow.pngMechanised chinchompa.pngSuperior scrimshaw of cruelty.pngBarrows totem.png
Reckless aura.png
Sirenic mask.png
Berserk blood essence.png
Completionist cape.png
Reaper necklace (or).png
Tirannwn quiver 4.png
Augmented Wilderness sword 4.png
Augmented sirenic hauberk.png
Augmented enhanced Excalibur.png
Augmented sirenic chaps.png
Nightmare gauntlets.png
Flarefrost boots.png
Asylum surgeon's ring.png
Range is by far the most versatile combat style at this boss. Being able to be used on every rotation and being the most effective AoE damage with the use of chins.

Sailfish.pngRocktail.pngPhoenix necklace.pngPortent of item protection.png
Ring of vigour.pngAugmented noxious scythe.pngSuperior scrimshaw of attack.pngBarrows totem.png
Berserker aura.png
Malevolent helm.png
Berserk blood essence.png
Completionist cape.png
Reaper necklace (or).png
Tirannwn quiver 4.png
Augmented Wilderness sword 4.png
Augmented malevolent cuirass.png
Augmented enhanced Excalibur.png
Augmented malevolent greaves.png
Deathtouch bracelet.png
Emberkeen boots.png
Asylum surgeon's ring.png
Melee is by far the least used style but nonetheless is still viable to use for triple melee or sides with Karil due to its extremely fast burst damage. Due to running mechanics, players can hit and drag melee brothers without risking any attacks from them. As melee brothers only use abilities when they can attack, this essentially makes them harmless for skilled players. A halberd-range weapon allows for greater leeway, but standard two-handed and melee weapons work just as fine while run dragging.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Path to get to the Rise of the Six entrance from the Canifis lodestone (marked ROTS on the map).

Empowered by Sliske's experiments in the Shadow Realm, the original barrows brothers have become imbued with shadow energy, warping their equipment and empowering them. In this encounter they possess combat levels of 650, have 50,000 health, and have level 90 offence and level 80 defensive stats. They are equally weak to all forms of combat with 40 affinity, and are immune to leeching effects from the Ancient Curses. Poison and reflect damage (outside of armour spikes) have no effect on them, making them the same as Nex in terms of defensive capabilities.

The fight takes place in a split arena: each side will have three of the brothers, and the team splits into two groups in order to fight them. The brothers change positions on a daily basis, which can affect the fight progress. The changes occur in a set rotation. In order to win the fight all six Barrow Brothers must be defeated. When one of the brothers reaches 0 health, a game message appears saying As you defeat (Barrows Brother), the shadow engulfs the remaining wights!. That brother will be frozen in place, while all other brothers will heal for 5,000 health (10% of their maximum).

From the first brother's defeat a 30 second timer will be started each time that a brother is defeated. If the timer runs out without another brother being defeated then all the defeated Brothers are resurrected with 25,000 health (50% of their maximum) and the following message pops up: The shadow bond is restored between the brothers, bringing back lost combatants..

If the timer does reach 30 seconds and melee brothers are resurrected, the next attack that the melee brothers make will be a spin attack. The other non-melee Brothers will continue to attack and follow their special attack rotations.

If one side is empty of players, the brothers on that side will hop over to assist the other as the following message pops up: As there is no one on the other side of the portal, it empowers the Barrows Brothers to destroy everyone!. This will only occur when the following requirements are satisfied:

  • None of the brothers are incapacitated
  • Karil is not using his Shadow Dash mechanic
  • Players are not hugging the second set of barriers

The brothers will spawn in slightly away from the original positions of the brothers on the occupied side.

All brothers move at running speed, although the melee brothers can be manipulated into being unable to attack as part of pseudo-kiting. As long as the player is next to the melee brothers at the start of such an attempt and then run in any pattern of their choosing, the brothers will "lag" behind them, being unable to attack as they don't possess halberd-type range. This in turn prevents them from using any abilities as they only do so after performing a set number of attacks. The player may use any non-channelled abilities of their choosing to effectively damage melee brothers while taking minimal or no damage.

Both sides should be using adrenaline potions or replenishment potion at the start of the kill. The goal is to rush thresholds against the high important brothers using bleeds and other high hitting basics followed by your best thresholds. Using Sunshine and Death Swiftness is generally discouraged due to the shortness of the fight and also the potential chance of Shadow Realm removing the ultimate. Once all the brothers are defeated, a cutscene plays in which the portal collapses and the chest appears. This cutscene will immediately put players out of combat stance, which will cause adrenaline drain. This can be countered by activating an adrenaline urn or the Persistent Rage perk.

Roles[edit | edit source]

In the Rise of the Six there are commonly two type of roles set in each team. Inciter and DPSer.

It is customary for both roles to use Soul Link, which requires completion of The Light Within in order to be used. Soul Link shares damage between players in a five tile radius from the user, which essentially means a passive Debilitate of sorts. Remember to turn Soul Link off after two brothers are killed or if it cannot be maintained to avoid unnecessary prayer drain. Note that Soul Link is only mandatory for ranged and magic users; melee users can simply activate a scrimshaw of vampyrism and Soul Split all lost health, even when tanking all three brothers.

This is someone who will have the ability Incite activated and will be taking the aggro of all brothers on their side for the fight. When the fight starts, the brothers will immediately attack the closest player to them, after which they focus on the player who deals the most damage. The inciter will use an AoE ability once all brothers are stacked so that Incite will immediately override their attempt to target the other player. The inciter will be the player who generally starts the fight. Melee inciters take priority on starting so that they can prepare ability rotations as soon as the fight starts. The Inciter will place themselves underneath the spawn point of the ranged brother (Ahrim or Karil) if applicable; otherwise, stand underneath the middle spawn in the case of triple melee. so that all three brothers immediately aggro the Inciter. Depending on the day's rotation, the inciter may also choose to run around close to the DPS so they may use AoEs and also take less damage from attacks. The Inciter will have Protect Melee active alongside Soul Link if being used.

This is the player who will not have Incite on and instead should be the main source of the damage dealt for that side. Most times the DPSer will be in Range gear using chinchompas to deal the highest amount of damage with AoE. The DPSer will also be the one who must free the Inciter from Torag if he manages to pummel them. The DPSer will have Soul Split active alongside Soul Link if being used. Their high DPS should mean both roles should barely have to eat any food.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Barrows Brothers 1920x1200.jpg
  • Shadow Drag: At the beginning of the fight, one of the brothers will say You dare disturb the darkness!, signified with a Rejuvenate animation. The message is also shown in the chatbox. That brother will have a random health/time requirement before the team is thrown into the Shadow Realm. In the Shadow Realm, all of the brothers' attacks, including mechanics (except Karil's Portal Dash mechanic) deal increased damage and their auto-attacks possess 100% accuracy regardless of their target's defence bonuses.
    • The health and timer are completely random. If the brother is defeated before the trigger is activated, the trigger resets and stays on hold until the brother rejoins the fight and if the trigger threshold is below the revival threshold.
    • Players are stopped briefly when tossed into the Shadow Realm.
  • Healing: After one of the Barrows Brothers are defeated, the shadow will engulf the other brothers, restoring 5,000 health. A blue bar will also appear over defeated brothers, slowly turning to orange in a 30-second time period. This timer can be reset by defeating another brother within a 30 second time frame of the last defeated brother. If the bar is completely filled before another brother is defeated, all defeated brothers will rejoin the fight with 25,000 health.

  • The melee brothers can perform Hurricane, where a brother will spin his weapon around as he tracks his target, dealing around 200 damage at the start and scales up to 2500 hard typeless damage overtime per tick for ten ticks and can hurt other players. This can be avoided by moving away quickly or using Surge. While this attack is being performed, the brother's movement is reduced to walking speed until it ends. Verac has his own version of this attack; Deathcopter, though he is still capable of using Hurricane as a revival attack.
    • Players within 4 spaces of a spinning brother will be rapidly attacked, but these attacks will always miss - despite this, armour spikes will still reflect damage onto them.
  • Dharok, Torag and Verac can perform Wall Slam. They will run up to the side of a wall before slamming down on the area the player was in when the attack was initiated, dealing up to 3000 hard typeless damage in a 5x5 area of effect.
  • Karil and Ahrim can perform Lightning Conductor and Turret of Fire respectively, where they will spin around with flaming energy releasing from their hands. While this attack is being performed, they will stay still. It can deal up to 1500 damage and deals constant damage if the player is within 3 squares from them. When Ahrim and Karil use this attack, they stay on the opposite side of the barrier while using it. Unlike the melee brothers' Hurricane ability, Ahrim and Karil are immune to all damage outside of an eldritch crossbow's special attack for the duration of the ability.
    • If struck, the energy will visually disappear, but this does not stop players from taking damage.
    • The brothers spin on the northern spot by default on both sides of the arena. If Karil and Ahrim are on the same side, the second brother will spin on the southern spot if the first brother is already spinning north.
    • Most tiles along the sides of the arena are safe from spin damage.
  • Both Karil and Ahrim can perform Teleport, where they will teleport to the pillars near the portal and focus on the side they are not on. When Karil teleports, he also performs the Bombard special. Ahrim performs Shadow Pits (summoning six purple and two red immediately). The teleported brother(s) can only be harmed with ranged, magic or halberd melee, and only by players on the side they performed the said abilities at. The brother will usually lose aggression of their previous target, although a glitch does occur rather frequently in which they try to attack their target despite not being able to.
  • Ahrim and Karil can perform Throw, where one of the melee brothers will surge and toss them in the air towards a random direction, dealing up to 2,500 hard typeless damage to players caught under them. The damage is instantly dealt when the brother is tossed into the air. Throw is used at random, although it does count as a special attack in their attack rotation, which stalls the next special attack in line.

Torag the Corrupted (Shadow).png
  • When Torag hits with an auto attack, there is a 1/8 chance that the target's adrenaline is reduced by 5%.
  • Whack: Torag leaps up into the air before crashing back down, generating such force that his target becomes stuck on the ground. He will then proceed to rapidly whack them for 250 hard typeless damage every few ticks, resetting most defensive abilities. The trapped player cannot attack in this state. To rescue the trapped player, the other player must deal a set amount of damage onto Torag before he will let go of his target. While Torag is pummelling the player, damage dealt to him during the animation will not affect his health.
    • Players being whacked can use defensive abilities to build adrenaline and food to heal.
    • It is possible for a trapped player to free themselves by using bleeds, but this should not be relied on due to the unpredictability of his attack rotation.

Dharok the Wretched (Shadow).png
  • Dharok's auto attacks deal more damage when his life points go down.
  • Greatest Axe: Dharok yells Give me everything!, causing energy to flow to his axe. He will be put in a Reprisal-like state for 10 seconds, in which he will absorb all damage taken; he does not take any actual damage in this state. Once he finishes his absorbing animation, Dharok will simply run to his target and swing his axe at them, dealing damage equal to the amount he absorbed, bypassing protection prayers/curses. It is still considered a standard melee attack and can be dealt with as such.

Verac the Defiled (Shadow).png
  • Verac's auto attacks have a 1/8 chance to ignore the target's armour rating.
  • Soulspot: Verac binds a player's soul to a specific place, with a game message appearing Verac ties your soul to a specific spot!. This drains prayer fairly quickly. Four green arrows will appear to indicate where the player should stand to stop the prayer drain. When the player stands on the specific spot, the prayer drain stops and the player restores some prayer points.
    • This can happen multiple times in a row if Verac can't perform any of his other specials.
  • Deathcopter: Verac will use a charging animation when he signals this attack. If any of the Brothers help Verac within 20 seconds, he will track a player with his flail. This acts similarly to the Hurricane attack used by the other melee brothers, although his target will be warned with the message Verac is tracking you from the skies! should he use it.

Guthan the Infested (Shadow).png
  • Guthan has a 1/8 chance to heal with his auto attacks. Damage healed is equal to damage done.
  • Impale: Guthan throws his warspear at a player who he is not attacking on his side. His primary target will receive the message Guthan prepares to throw his spear!, while the other player will receive the message Guthan throws his spear at you!, causing the spear to fly towards them; upon impact, the struck player is frozen for a brief second before taking 400-500 hard typeless damage every few ticks. Guthan will resort to punching his primary target, being unable to perform any special attacks, although they still maintain the same accuracy and damage as if he had his spear. When the impaled player is next to Guthan, they're frozen for another brief second as Guthan rips his spear out of them, dealing 1000 hard typeless damage.
    • If the targeted player dies, gets pummeled by Torag, or Guthan dies, the spear is automatically sent back to him. If there is no one else on Guthan's side, he will throw it at his target instead.
    • When Guthan takes the spear back, the animation will prevent the target from moving for a moment. This can lead to deaths from Karil's bombs or lightning, so eat up to avoid being killed.
    • If Guthan is killed right as he is about to retrieve his spear, he may still attack players, though he will not use any abilities.

Karil the Tainted (Shadow).png
  • Karil's auto attacks have a 1/8 chance to drain the target's Attack and Magic level by 5 levels.
  • Portal Dash: Karil dashes into the shadows, and leaves a shadow cloud (bomb) on both sides, starting on the side he is on and then placing one on the other side, doing this three times each per side. If a player goes to the portal, the cloud disappears, the player who runs in takes 500 hard typeless damage, and is sent to the other side. If no one enters, the bomb explodes and deals damage depending on the player's distance from it. The cloud has a radius of 8x8 and it can also hit players on the other side if near the chasm. The bomb deals a minimum of 4,800 hard typeless damage. The closer a player is to the bomb, the more damage is incurred, capping at 8,000 hard typeless damage.
    • If one side collapses, the bomb teleports them to a random location on the side he is on instead.
    • Three bombs are placed on both sides, starting from the side Karil is on.
    • The damage from the cloud (not the explosion) increases by 500 for the player that ran into the cloud, capping at 1500 damage.
    • When Karil is dashing across the field, he can be attacked for a brief moment before he dashes to the other side. Most abilities that connect when he teleports over will not cause him to take damage. Melee players can bypass this with Greater Barge's second effect.
    • If Karil is the last brother and is defeated as a bomb is dropped, the bomb will still explode during the cutscene, potentially dealing fatal damage. Try to give players some time to escape to reduce the chances of someone dying during the cutscene.
  • Bombard: Karil will teleport onto a pillar near the middle portal and send a line of lightning across the other side (or the current side if the other side collapses) which deals up to 2000 hard typeless damage every 2 ticks. The lightning will go along either of the two paths of stones in the room, randomly going north-to-south or south-to-north.

Ahrim the Blighted (Shadow).png
  • Ahrim attacks with Blood spells, which means he will heal himself for a portion of the damage he deals. His auto attacks also have a 1/8 chance to drain the target's Strength level by 5 levels.
  • Flight: Ahrim levitates mid-air, granting him immunity from melee attacks and 50% reduced damage from magic attacks. Soul Split and affinity debuffs still go through as normal.
    • While Ahrim is in the air, he will only use his Shadow Pits ability on his side until he comes down.
  • Shadow Pits: Ahrim will launch a spell into the air that falls into one of the eight random pits on his side, causing purple or red energy to emit from them. Standing on purple energy will deal up to 400 hard typeless damage every few ticks. If a brother stands on red energy, they are healed for 500 health every few ticks. Players do not take damage standing on red energy.
    • When Ahrim teleports onto the pillars, he will activate all of the stones on other side (or current side if the other side collapses), generating six purple and two red patches of energy.
    • The clouds don't always despawn after the fight ends, so be careful when looting the chest.

Attack rotations[edit | edit source]

The portal into the Shadow Realm

Each brother also comes with abilities that they or most of them can use, all of which are listed below. They follow a set attack rotation which is performed after several auto-attacks have been performed on their target; if they cannot attack their target, then they cannot perform their special attacks. The first special attack they perform is completely random, but the follow-up order is always the same after that. They cannot perform the abilities consecutively.

  • Ahrim - Turret of Fire > Shadow Pits (Teleport/normal) > Shadow Pits (the one not used)
    • If Flight is activated, Turret of Fire is disabled until Flight concludes.
  • Karil - Lightning Conductor > Teleport (Bombard) > Shadow Dash
  • Melee brothers - Hurricane > brother-specific ability > Wall Slam

Kill order[edit | edit source]

Kill order for fight: Karil > Torag > Guthan > Dharok > Ahrim > Verac. This order should always be followed, as taking out the most dangerous brothers improves kill times and speed.

  1. Karil takes the highest priority, regardless if he is the shadow dragger or not. He has the highest killing potential with his bombs and lightning attack. Though his auto-attacks barely deal any damage, killing him first also saves magic-using players on his side, as he will rapidly lower their Magic level if he is targeting them, which results in lower accuracy against the rest of the brothers.
  2. Next up is Torag, because his pummel attack can lower the side's overall damage output, and also makes them extremely vulnerable to follow-up specials from other brothers; there is almost no chance of survival if a player is being pummelled and another brother is spinning on them. The chance of death is also high if the player is within range of a shadow cloud while they are being pummelled.
  3. Dharok is not much of a threat, but his Greatest Axe ability is an issue if he is the last brother remaining, as it provides him with pseudo-immunity which could result in the other brothers reviving, along with the increased damage as his health decreases.
  4. Like Dharok, Guthan is not much of a threat, but players should be careful if they are impaled as there is a small delay when he rips the spear from his impaled target, which could result in death from a bomb or spin. The bleed is especially dangerous if the team is dragged into the Shadow Realm.
  5. Ahrim is not much of an issue, as his auto-attacks do not deal much damage, and once he is put into Flight, it removes any stalling and killing capability he has until he lands back down.
  6. Verac is the least dangerous of the brothers, as despite his decent auto-attacks, his Soulspot ability does not do much to the player, and he rarely activates Deathcopter as the other melee brothers are either too busy to assist or defeated. He takes lowest priority.

Rotations[edit | edit source]

This section will cover certain methods of killing the Brothers depending on each type of rotation players may face. The strategies will assume that the team has 4 members in it and are split into 2 each side. These methods that are discussed can become particularly advanced and may not succeed depending on the teams' skill. It should also be noted that some methods have higher risk of death but pay off with faster kill times.

As mentioned previously, the kill order is: Karil > Torag > Dharok > Guthan > Ahrim > Verac. Although some methods will not require the order due to the AoE damage some methods achieve and others will ask players to kill other Brothers than the highest priority.

On this side Ahrim is present with a random set of melee brothers. In this rotation Ahrim will always spawn in the north which is useful and utilised more in the Double Chinning method.

Magic & Range[edit | edit source]

In this method the Magic user will be Inciting and for this will run the two Melee Brothers. The Ranger use will help DPS and kill the strongest Melee Brother for that side (determined by the kill order above). Once the first Melee Brother is dead the two players will split. Splitting in this example is when the Magic user will continue to kill the second Melee Brother while the Ranger will kill Ahrim.

The Ranger can easily kill Ahrim with a few basics and using Onslaught on Ahrim after he has aired. For the Magic user it is suggested to use Metamorphosis if the second Melee Brother has high life points still. At this stage using Wild Magic + Guthix staff special attack near the end of the Metamorphosis is advised.

Double Chinning[edit | edit source]

In this method both players will be using Range and making high use of death dotting also known as DD (standing in the same position as each other) and Mechanised chinchompas. For this to work both players will need Soul Link. One player will be using Incite and will be praying Soul Link and Protect from Melee, while the other player uses Soul Split along with Soul Link.

Both players will be DDing 1 square off of Ahrim's spawn. This ensures the melee brothers will stack on him to allow chinchompas to be used with devastating effect.

The Inciter should focus on using Corruption Shot first to make sure they obtain all the aggro and switch to chinchompas for the rest of the fight. The DPS can remain on the same tile as the Inciter, although they are free to move away from the melee brothers, but within range of the Inciter so that Soul Link and Soul Split affects them as usual.

Players should also be aware that in this position they are vulnerable to Karil's bombs, along with potential spins from the melee brothers.

On this side Karil is present with a random set of Melee Brothers. The focus of all these methods is to kill Karil first and to have him out of the fight fast, due to his deadly abilities. Unlike Ahrim and double melee, Karil's spawn point is randomised so players should position themselves accordingly as needed. They spawn in alphabetical order North to south on there respective sides, not random.

Magic & Range[edit | edit source]

For this rotation you will need a Magic user to be the Inciter and the Range to be chinning. The Magic user has two options when taking on this side, which depends on which Threshold they prefer between the 3-hit-Detonate trick or simply using Wild Magic.

The Inciter should start the kill already adrenaline potted and at Karil's spawn point. The Inciter should auto with Blood Barrage and use Corruption Blast gaining aggro of the other Melee Brothers (assuming the DPSer is far away enough from portal). Then using Combust walk under Karil so it pushes him to move increasing the damage dealt, follow this with strong basics. Once you have reached Threshold level either use Wild Magic as normal or use Detonate. For the Detonate trick it is suggested to target a Melee Brother for the possibility that Karil teleports away and making Detonate useless. If Karil is not dead yet, simply finish off Karil with a threshold on his return. The rest should be simple Melee Brother running.

As the DPSer you are required to be using chins and be efficient in the use of them. For the starting of the kill target Karil with your non-chin weapon and hit an auto with Corruption Shot, then swapping to your chins, use Fragmentation Shot at this point the Inciter would of moved Karil so you would benefit from the double damage bleed too. After this rush for high hitting thresholds to kill Karil. Once Karil is dead simply use a respectable chin rotation utilising Rapid Fire and other thresholds to finish off the remaining two Melee Brothers.

Melee & Ranged[edit | edit source]

As with the previous section, the Melee user will be the Inciter and the Range to be chinning.

The Inciter should start the fight, preparing beforehand with Berserk, drinking an adrenaline or adrenaline renewal potion and starting the fight. As soon as Karil appears, use Undead Slayer and Limitless, following up with Hurricane, Quake and Cleave in quick succession. With the ranger's assistance, Karil should be incapitated almost immediately upon appearing, while the remaining brothers are severely weakened.

The melee player can simply run around in circles to allow the DPS to chin, or simply tank them with trimmed masterwork until one of them spins. The melee player should also use a vampryism scrimshaw with Soul Split if using trimmed masterwork as they will easily heal off any auto-attack damage dealt by the brothers.

Double Chinning[edit | edit source]

Similar to the method from the Ahrim and Double Melee section of double chinning, but relies on much more luck.

The method will require the same setup and both players to be DD by Karil's spawn location. Commonly this method is not done due the high likelihood of Karil using special attacks. However if this method is pulled off successfully expect to see very fast kills.

The most diverse combat styled side to face in this Boss Battle. This side can present some tricky issues, causing less DPS if dealt with improperly. Spins also become incredibly dangerous, as it essentially makes the centre of the arena extremely dangerous should Ahrim and Karil spin at the same time.

Mage & Range[edit | edit source]

In this method either player may use ranged or magic, although it is generally recommended for one player to use magic and the other to range. The mage typically serves as the Inciter, and the ranger as the DPS.

The Inciter will have to face all three styles, in which it is still suggested to pray against Melee for the first part of the fight, as the melee brother's auto-attacks deal more damage than both Ahrim and Karil combined most of the time. The Inciter should place themselves next to Karil's spawn point, while the DPS should death-dot on the Inciter, as the Inciter prepares a Detonate start with Undead Slayer. When the brothers appear, the melee brother will run towards the players, upon which the Inciter activates Detonate to hit both Karil and the melee brother at once to obtain their aggression; Ahrim's aggression generally does not matter, since he deals fairly low damage and is not in range.

Although AoEs are less effective on the west side as Ahrim will not draw himself closer to the players, it is still recommended to use them to weaken both Karil and the melee brother. The DPS should change to a more powerful weapon if Karil performs a special attack, or they may continue to use chinchompas if the Inciter lures the melee brother to Ahrim, although Karil is most likely to be incapacitated before he pulls off a special attack.

When Karil is defeated, the Inciter should lure the melee brother to Ahrim so the DPS may use chinchompas on the two remaining brothers, weakening both at the same time. Alternatively, the players can split up, with the Inciter dealing with the melee brother while the DPS deals with Ahrim, since Ahrim's Levitate halves the magic damage he takes while in the air, which means the DPS from the Inciter would be better off dealing with the melee brother first.

Double Chinning[edit | edit source]

This method can only be done on the East side of the battle.

Upon entering the east side of the arena there are two squares by the barrier which are dipped in allowing players to stand there. By standing in the western square (the one closest to the portal), when Karil and Ahrim spawn, they will immediately run towards the player(s)' position, despite being able to attack the player(s) from afar. The western side must start the encounter; doing so otherwise will cause the lure to fail, as Karil and Ahrim will not move in as they have already acquired their target.

Once this is achieved and the Brothers are stacked continue to use a normal Double Chinning rotation. Focus Karil down immediately, as he will be generally underneath Ahrim or the melee brother, which will be extremely dangerous should he plant bombs. Only move when Karil plants bombs or the melee brother (apart from Verac) starts spinning.

In this rotation it is really flexible of what players combat style is for this side, with melee being the most common style used as virtually no damage is taken, and any that does occur can easily be healed off of with Soul Split and/or a scrimshaw of vampryism. Most melee players will typically prefer soloing their side. The melee player should also bring a dragon rider lance or noxious scythe to attack Karil when he teleports onto the side of the arena. A ranged weapon is optional if the other side somehow dies and Ahrim is still standing. If the triple melee side is not being soloed however, an Inciter is still required to obtain the aggression of all three melee brothers.

Any & Range[edit | edit source]

One player will need to be the Inciter, who will start closer to the portal and take aggro of the three Melee Brothers.

As the Inciter the best way to gain aggro of all three brothers is starting underneath the middle brother's spawn and then using AoEs to 'tag' all the Brothers. Once this is achieved the Inciter just needs to run around in close proximity to the DPSer making much turns as possible to keep the Melee Brothers in a running stall. The Inciter should also be DPSing effectively as well with the only setback of not using channelled abilities.

The DPSer should be using Mechanised chinchompa to DPS all three Melee Brothers. As all the three brothers are stacked together this method makes chinning very effective. The DPSer should allow time for the Inciter to gain aggro by avoiding using any AoEs for their first ability, since their initial aggression shifts based on whoever deals the most damage on them. With Adrenaline potion the DPSer should be aiming and needing to only use thresholds to complete the side.

Due to the availability of mechanised chinchompas, soloing all six brothers is possible. As such, Ranged is mandatory when soloing, as it provides the fastest kill times and avoids unnecessary switches. Before starting the fight, make sure to have a method of restoring run energy - salt water ogre flasks are useful for this purpose, holding up to six doses per flask and providing unlimited run energy for 10-23 minutes, which is more than enough for a full hour. The Endurance relic is also a viable substitute.

  1. To begin solo, it is recommended to start on the side Karil is at.
  2. Stand on a tile next to or on his spawn point so that melee brothers will run themselves into the chinchompas' AoE.
  3. If Ahrim is on the same side as Karil, leave him alone. Solo highly depends on the player's ability to quickly subdue Karil as him being alive when the other three brothers join in greatly increases the risk of death.
  4. If Torag is on the same side as Karil, the player will need to start running as soon as the encounter starts to avoid the risk of being pummeled.
  5. If not, then the melee brother(s) can be stacked on Karil until he initiates a mechanic.
  6. Once the remaining three brothers join on the player's side, subdue Karil and start running the brothers.
  7. Hitting Ahrim along with them is optional, but does increase kill speed slightly.
  8. It is important not to subdue any of the brothers for the time being as doing so will prevent the remaining three brothers from joining. The brothers on the other side will not immediately transfer over as soon as the fight begins; it takes about 25 seconds for the remaining brothers to join in, although this may be extended slightly longer if Karil is dashing around.
  9. Once this occurs, immediately kill Karil, and use chinchompas on the melee brothers while running around, with Torag taking highest priority.
The most common cause of death is typically a lack of sufficient DPS for Karil, who deals the highest ability damage and can also limit the player's movement. The player may run the melee brothers around Ahrim to maximise damage output, which can speed up the kill slightly. Ahrim should be the last brother remaining, who can be easily dealt with since he does not have any stalling mechanics while midair.

The tunnel[edit | edit source]

Following the fight, the portal's collapse has caused the tunnel to become unstable. Parts of the sealed ground now begin to leak purple gas, which deals up to 1,200 hard typeless damage every few ticks to any player standing on or next to one. The bridges will also have collapsed, forcing players to shimmy across the ledge or use the vine/pillar (often referred to as the middle) in the middle of the chasm. All players can use the ledge, but only one player may use it at a time. The middle is faster, but only one player may use it, after which the node collapses.

As soon as a player reaches a sufficient distance from the boss arena (before the pads with the chasm, or arc with the fork), the tunnel will rapidly deteriorate and players have 30 seconds to safely escape the tunnel. As the lead player makes their way out of the tunnel, the walls will begin to collapse and debris will fall from above, which is intended to force players into the purple gas and prevent Surge and Bladed Dive from being used as properly. The blockage may appear to be random, but is actually pre-determined based on the segment used. The blockage only triggers when a player gets close to the trigger spots; therefore, a well-timed Surge/Bladed Dive will prevent the blockage from falling at all.

After 30 seconds have passed, the tunnel begins exploding on itself, dealing up to 1,200 hard typeless damage at random to all players still inside. This damage is scattered between all players remaining in the tunnel, so the frequency in which you are hit will increase if you are the only one remaining inside. Escaping the tunnel through the rope is required to stabilize the malevolent energy claimed from the chest; logging out or dying inside the tunnel will cause it to disappear. With proper use of Bladed Dive and Surge, all players should be expected to escape a one or two bridge tunnel before the tunnel explodes. In three or four bridge tunnels however, the last two players will generally take the brunt of damage so it's important to keep health relatively high.

Defenders can reduce the damage dealt from the gas and explosions, although most players tend to bring a main-hand weapon of some sort with enhanced excalibur to save an inventory spot (along as a Bladed Dive switch).

Each tunnel consists of the following listed below. The random segments can be placed at 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees. In very rare cases the tunnels occasionally glitch out, such as an off-shoot that leads nowhere.

  • Exit
  • Random segments (4 max)
    • Segments with bridges
    • Segments with no bridges
  • Boss entrance
    • Chasm
    • Fork

After escaping the tunnels bank at Burgh de Rott (with Drakan's medallion) or War's Retreat if needed. Inform your team when you are banking to save time. When you need to resupply with depleted health, make sure to turn Fortitude on so that you can heal while in combat stance.

If using Drakan's Medallion, do not use Surge upon arriving at the Barrows, as you may surge straight into the mounds, which will automatically cause you to dismiss your familiar. Instead, use Bladed Dive.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Players should avoid the middle as this is where Karil and Ahrim will spin, and they will catch you off guard. If only one of those two brothers is on your side, you are safe on the south side. If both are on your side, you hug the edges. If you have three melee brothers, you can ignore this tip.
  • Do not stand near the portal. Karil's bombs from the other side will hurt you if you are close enough. This is one of the most common causes of death.
  • Melee brothers might spin if they get the chance to. Verac spinning is a bug and only happens rarely after revival. This is due to the brothers sharing similar code and the spin attack was not removed from his rotation entirely.
  • If you get hit by any special attack in the shadow realm, you have a high chance of dying as the damage received is doubled. Karil’s lightning is currently bugged and the damage is tripled. If Karil uses lightning in the shadow realm, make use of the Surge ability and stand near the middle of the arena to quickly evade incoming lightning.
  • If you are standing in the middle, be ready to Surge and eat. If you are by the portal, keep an eye on Karil and/or his bombs. If your partner is tanking Torag, keep an eye on him in the event he grounds your partner.
  • Once Karil is dead, the rest of the kill should be very calm. Perfect your damage output against Karil, and experienced players will be able to kill him before he does a special attack.